Top 4 Surprising Facts about Amsterdam City

The number of canals in Amsterdam exceeds that of Venice, Italy. The Capital City of Netherlands is liberal when it comes to window prostitution. Two facts on account, but regular tourists in the “Venice of the North” might be even more surprised reading the below compilation of startling facts. Tours […]

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Quick Facts about Amsterdam you Might Not Know

May 21, 2018 admin 0

Amsterdam is a breathtakingly beautiful place rich in attractions, but how well do you know about this city’s facts? Read on for some interesting facts about Amsterdam, which you might not know. In the early twentieth century, dancing was banned in the city. Once in a year, the low-income people […]

Top 4 Tourist Attractions Devoted to Tulips in the Netherlands

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Visiting the Netherlands during springtime allows tourists to experience the picture postcard beauty of the Dutch tulips. Although the world-famous floating flower market, which stays open all the year round, the one along the Singel Canal is an exception to that. No matter which time of the year you travel […]

Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Oostelijke Eilanden of Amsterdam

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The Oostelijke Eilanden is a must-visit place when on tours in Amsterdam, especially if you love modern architecture, craft beers, museums, and so forth. This list of top 4 attractions in Eastern Islands of Amsterdam city begins with cultural tourist hubs or a bustling underground scene. Visit Amsterdam Roest The […]

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Some Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam

You all know how much of a beautiful tourist place Amsterdam is. So rather than just visiting the top destinations in Amsterdam, make sure to include the things given below in your Amsterdam tours itinerary to make your trip even more fun. Climb the Westertoren The Westertoren is the tallest […]

6 Compelling Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of most toured destinations in Europe, and if you have ever been to the place, you would certainly understand why. It is replete with gorgeous architecture, beautiful scenery, and intriguing history, for one. If you have never been there, then the following reasons should be enough to […]

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Top 5 Photogenic Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam City

April 30, 2018 admin 0

Amsterdam has some of the most picturesque cityscapes one can find in Europe. The Dutch canal houses have a photogenic architecture, but there are several other places in the capital city of Netherlands that can make your eyes pop out in wonderment at their sight. Even if you visit some […]

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7 Quirky Attractions in Amsterdam

A few tours in Amsterdam could leave you with the impression that you know the place after having visited the most famous spots and doing some roaming around the countryside. It could not be further from the truth though. Below is a list of places you can visit to get […]