3 Most Beautiful and Age-Old Churches in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the best places that every traveler would love to visit. In fact, everything about Amsterdam is welcoming such as the freedom the city offers, natural landscapes, incredible museums and art galleries, wondrous architectural aesthetics, picturesque canals, shopping opportunities, adventurous activities, and the list goes on. Since the city offers a plethora of attractions, everyone including kids, adults, and seniors can explore this magical land. Similarly, Amsterdam will be enough to satisfy the architecture enthusiast, history buff, pilgrim, nature lover, etc., in you.

Amsterdam boasts a number of amazing churches. Most of these religious buildings are centuries old. No wonder, a number of churches here rank high in the list of the oldest surviving buildings in the country. These cathedrals are worth a visit when you are in the city because it is not only a good option for pilgrims but also you will be amazed by the incredible sculptures and architectural designs of these cathedrals. Below are some of the best churches in the city that you may pay a visit on your Amsterdam tours.

Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk is regarded as the oldest construction in the city, and unsurprisingly, the buildings hold an intriguing and rich history. This church was built in 1306 under the supervision of the bishop of Utrecht and was formerly used for Catholic services. During the reformation that took place in the 17th Century, the Dutch Protestants vandalized the Oude Kerk, as it followed the Catholic beliefs. However, even after going through many troublesome affairs, the basilica is still intact and houses may age-old elements like the vaulted wooden roof. So, do not miss this historic place on your Amsterdam tours.

Nieuwe Kerk

Located at 17 Gravenstraat, the Nieuwe Kerk is one of the most beautiful churches in Amsterdam. This church was constructed in 1509 when the bishop of Utrecht gave permission to build a new church in the Dam Square during the 15th Century. The Dutch people named the religious building Nieuwe Kerk in order to distinguish it from the famous Oude Kerk church. Unfortunately, the church was majorly damaged because of a massive fire accident that consumed most of the central Amsterdam. Later, the church was re-built and the new building resembles a southern gothic structural design. Currently, the church is used for many royal ceremonies and exhibitions.

English Reformed Church

In 1578, the Dutch government embraced Calvinism. At this time, the municipality of Amsterdam seized this small church since it held Catholic beliefs. Later, it was given to the English people in the city as a place of worship and this chapel was named as the English Reformed Church. Since then, the church is serving the English people in the city and it never failed to carry out its weekly rituals until now. In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II visited the English Reformed Church in order to honor its successful completion of 400 years.