Free Things to do on Amsterdam Tours

Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum Tour
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The city of Amsterdam is famous among millions of tourists owing to its elegant canals, coffee shops, beautiful houses and Red Light District. However, going on Rijksmuseum tour or Van Gogh museum tour might not be cheap.

The bright side of Amsterdam tours is that even if you are down to your last penny, you will be able to see and do many things. Below are a few delightful things that you can do for free in the Dutch Capital. If you are in a tight budget, these recommendations will certainly help you to make the most of your tour Amsterdam trip.

Visit the Bloemenmarkt

You will not have to pay a penny to stroll past the stalls of the floating flower market of Amsterdam. Most of the stalls in the Bloemenmarkt will be open from 9am–5pm. You can find plenty of native tourists in this place. Additionally, you can buy flowers and other unique items from these stores at reasonable prices.


Some of the museums in the city of Amsterdam have areas, which you can visit for free. The Civic Guards Gallery, which is an official part of the Amsterdam Museum doesn’t charge any entry free from the visitors. In addition, you can also enjoy the enormous Amsterdam Treasures collection at the famous Amsterdam City Archives free of charges.

Classical & Jazz Concerts

You might as well enjoy a free concert while you are on Amsterdam tours if you know the right places to look for. The National Opera & Ballet offers free concerts to both residents and visitors every Tuesday at 12.30 p.m. whereas the Royal Concertgebouw holds free lunch concerts around the same time on most Wednesdays.

Ferry Ride

You will be able to find many ferries crossing the IJ River and the good side is that they are completely free. Jump on to any one of the ferries and enjoy a ride, which can certainly become one of the major highlights of your Amsterdam tours.

Amsterdam Public Library

The Amsterdam Public Library, which is located near the Central Station of the city, offers many free attractions to tourists. This resourceful library hosts occasional concerts, rotating art exhibitions, and weekly readings, which will be an absolute treat for every book lover.