Some Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam

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You all know how much of a beautiful tourist place Amsterdam is. So rather than just visiting the top destinations in Amsterdam, make sure to include the things given below in your Amsterdam tours itinerary to make your trip even more fun.

Climb the Westertoren

The Westertoren is the tallest tower in central Amsterdam and is open only during the summer. This tower is historic and you can see Rembrandt and other famous artists buried in the church below and the crown of the Hapsburg monarch on the top.

Attend a Concert at the Concertgebouw

One of the free lunchtime concerts you must visit during your Amsterdam tours. With some of the best acoustics in the world, your experience there will be a thing to remember forever. Robeco Summer Nights held throughout the month of August also is a must-visit.

Bike through the Tulip Fields around Haarlem in April

One of the most beautiful charms of the Netherlands’ is its tulip gardens. Take your bike on the train to Haarlem and bike through the mesmerizing tulip fields around Haarlem. This will be with no doubt the best ever experience for all the nature lovers.

Play Giant Chess

The most popular spot is the Max Euweplein, the adjacent square named after the Netherland’s most famous chess star. However, to avoid audience go to another set up of the same size in front of the Tropenmuseum entrance.

Taste Centuries of Cheese History at Reypenaer’s Tasting Room

Even though the Wyngaard cheeses are equally tasty, try to taste the salt crystal packed two-year-old varieties of cheese in the Reypenaer’s. You can get also cheese and wine tastings offered daily.

Go Bungee Jumping over the IJ at the Faralda Crane Hotel

This high profile NDSM hotel has moved bungee action closer to home. Here, you can go down feet in a swinging motion, saving yourself from the head popping pressure that you may have suffered by doing it in the old-fashioned way.

Get Florescent at Electric Ladyland

The main subject of the small and quirky Electric Ladyland museum is fluorescent geology. Black lights bring to life an interactive room full of natural minerals and funky 3D art here. So make sure to visit this museum during your Amsterdam tours; it costs only around 5 Euros.