7 Quirky Attractions in Amsterdam

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Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

A few tours in Amsterdam could leave you with the impression that you know the place after having visited the most famous spots and doing some roaming around the countryside. It could not be further from the truth though. Below is a list of places you can visit to get the full measure of Amsterdam.

Amsterdamse Bos

If you are most comfortable away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this might be the place for you. A secluded park with a tranquil atmosphere that beckons the recluse, it also has options for some peaceful activities like canoeing, outdoor art, and even camping.

Python Bridge

This bridge runs 90 meters across a canal, and connects the Sporenburg and Borneo peninsulas. It is visually appealing because of its red color and twisting aesthetic, and has even won the 2012 International Footbridge Award.

t’ Nieuwe Diep

A distillery located in the middle of Flevopark, t’ Nieuwe Diep takes up the inside of a converted church, and is a must-visit. You will find a profusion of products here, as well as a place to sit back and relax.

The Electric Ladyland – Fluorescent Art Museum

This is a museum showcasing fluorescent art, if you ever grow tired of visiting conventional museums to look at the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. You will find the place to be immersive as well as interactive, and simple enough to find when you are in the city.

De Poezenboot

For all you cat loving tourists out there, De Poezenboot is a place you should definitely call at. It may be the only floating feline sanctuary in the world. It is comprised of two barges sitting on the Singel Canal, which was set up in 1968 by Henriette van Weelde.

A’DAM Lookout

The ultimate in swings, A’DAM Lookout is something every adrenaline junkie should try once. It is technically the tallest swing in the whole of Europe, at about 100 meters off the ground. There is also a high-tech interactive exhibition you could visit here, and a restaurant that gives you panoramic views of the surrounding land.

The Little Woodcutter

Located in Leideseboje park, The Little Woodcutter is a 50 centimeter-bronze statue inside a tree. People love to stare at it and include it in their treasure hunts. The branch has started to cover the statue, making it worth catching a glimpse of during your tours in Amsterdam.