Best Places to Watch Football in Amsterdam

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Holland has a population that goes crazy about football. They are very passionate about the game and follow their national team religiously. Whenever the Dutch national team plays, its population gets behind them and offers their wholehearted support. They watch the games on large screens at dedicated venues and pubs across the nation.

Apparently, Amsterdam has a number of places where you can watch the football matches amidst the thrill of the game. Below are some recommendations for the best places to enjoy a football game in Amsterdam.


WestergasTerras is a café situated in the Westergasfabriek region of Amsterdam. This is a great open café where you can bask in the sun while you enjoy a cup of coffee or have a drink. During football matches, the place gets all heated up and decorated in orange color, which is the color of the national team. It is a favorite among football enthusiasts and you can watch the game lying on one of the Fanboys in the café.


Watching football at the Museumplein is as euphoric as experiencing the game at a stadium. Such is the energy of the crowd that assembles here for football matches. However, being a major tourist center in the city, this place displays football matches only on special occasions. For instance, the authorities allowed the big screen display of the semi-finals and the finals of the World Cup 2010. This place is very convenient if you are on a Van Gogh Museum tour, as it is within a walking distance from the museum.


Jordaan neighborhood is an epicenter for football-crazy folks. There are many places in the region where cafés and local bars display football matches played by the Dutch team. Some of the famous cafes you can visit here include Café Nol, Café Proust, Thijssen, and De Blaffende Vis. Visit any of these to feel the patriotism of the Dutch football fans, and experience the thrill of the match during your Amsterdam Tours.


Heinekenplein is a square in the Pijp district located behind the Heineken Experience. This place is famous for the highest number of bars and restaurants per square meter in the nation. Most of the bars are equipped with large screens where fans of the Netherlands national team gather during matches. You can enjoy a beer from one of the places or choose to watch the game from one of the cafés in the square.