Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam during the Winter Season

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Amsterdam city is known for its enchanting beauty and unique attractions. The climate and weather conditions in the city also play a major role in enhancing the overall appeal of the Dutch capital. Yet many people have a misconception that winter season is not ideal to visit Amsterdam because of the chilling temperature. Although the city will be windy and rainy at this time, this is actually one of the best times to visit Amsterdam. At this time, the overall appeal of the city will be magical with cozy pubs, twinkling fairy lights in every nook and cranny, hearty food, and all.

Why Visit Amsterdam in Winter

There are many reasons that facilitate the idea of traveling around Amsterdam city during wintertime. The main factor is the snowfall and there is no half-and-half when it is about the look of Amsterdam city in the white color. This wildly dreamy atmosphere is the best time for all the couples to rekindle their romance.

At times, the canals in the city will freeze because of the extremely low temperature and you can ice skate on these water bodies. Furthermore, the winter markets in Amsterdam are also worth a sight and you can purchase many unique items at cheap rates in these festive fairs. Apart from this, there are many fun activities to do in Amsterdam during the winter months. Some of the winter activities that you may enjoy on your Amsterdam tours are given below.

  • Hire a bicycle and explore Amsterdam during the night in order to get amazed by the beauty of the city that is illuminating in the holiday light works. Amsterdamians will start decorating city from the beginning of November and will maintain it until February.
  • Enjoy ice-skating at the Local Square. Note that Leidseplein and Museumplein tend to set ice rinks at their premises every winter. Alternatively, you can skate on any of the frozen canals in the city as well.
  • You can purchase unique holiday gifts at the winter markets. There will be hardly any items, which you will not see in these festive fairs. Besides, you can click some Instagram-worthy photos as well at these markets.
  • Go for a canal cruise in Amsterdam during the winter season; this will be one of the ever-memorable moments in your life. It is to be noted that the picturesque canals in Amsterdam will be even more beautiful during the winter with a beautiful layer of fluffy white snow over it.
  • Savor your favorite beverage at any of the cozy nightclubs. You can also get stoned here since it is legal in Amsterdam to sell certain drugs at authorized stores. However, taking drugs in public places such as roads, parks, malls, etc., is a punishable offence.