Must-Visit Haunted Spots in Amsterdam

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Must-Visit Haunted Spots

The locals in Amsterdam claim that restless spirits often visits the ancient monuments and streets in the city. Even though the residents in the city may argue that they do not believe in the existence of ghosts, they still love to talk about the myths and scary stories with their friends. If you visit one of the ancient pubs in the Dutch capital on a stormy night, you may be able to overhear whispered tales about some of the most notorious spectres in Amsterdam.

Tourists who are going on Amsterdam tours usually cover most of the popular tourist attractions in the city in a couple of days and prefer doing something unique and adventurous on the other days. If you are one among them and if you are ready to explore some of the spookiest or haunted spots in Amsterdam, then we have got you covered.

Tortured Souls of Dam Square

The historic square, which is located in the center of the Dutch capital, is immensely popular among tourists as a vibrant hub for both sightseeing and shopping. However, only a few are aware of the fact that the Dam Square of Amsterdam has a horrific past.

You might be shocked to hear that the Dam Square was once used as a site for public executions. In fact, thousands of suspected heretics and witches were burnt alive during the Spanish Inquisition at the very same spot.

Helena of Ghost Alley

One of the famous ghost stories that you will hear from Amsterdamians will be the story of a woman named Helena. Helena lived with her father and sister in Spooksteeg in the 18th Century. Helena became jealous when a fine-looking sailor fell in love with her sister and she reportedly killed her sister to marry the young sailor.

It is said that at her deathbed, Helena confessed that she killed her sister and begged for forgiveness from her husband. However, he did not forgive her and instead cursed Helena. Locals believe that the screams of Helena’s ghost can still be heard.

Black Matthew

After visiting the above-mentioned haunted spots in the city, you might be planning to have a drink in one of the pubs in Amsterdam but you need to beware because of the notorious spirit of Black Matthew might be waiting for you in one of the alleys. The natives believe that the spirit of Black Matthew haunts the entire city.

This creepy ghost story dates back to the early 13th Century when a magician named Matthew made a pact with the devil. His ghost is believed to roam throughout the city to terrorize natives and tourists.