Places in Netherlands you Didn’t Know Existed

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Must Visit Places In Netherlands

There is much more to Netherlands than just tulips, windmills, and smoking paraphernalia. It is true that the most famous sites in the country are worth including in Amsterdam tours, but there are many other stunning places as well that you might be missing out. The best part of visiting these unexplored places is that you will not have to struggle with crowds of tourists to see the places and attractions.

Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht

The 700-year-old cathedral is worth exploring as it offers a stark contrast between the frescoed and vaulted ceilings and the stacks made from modern black metal. You can see a tower of books inside the cathedral that include many masterpieces of the past. The newspaper from UK, The Guardian, voted Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht as the most beautiful bookshops in the world.


Bourtange is an alternative to the Pampus Island’s Second World War fort ruins. The network of rampart moats that surrounds a small village was made to keep out the Germans in the sixteenth century. The place now attracts tourists and has many museums, cafes, and shops. There is also a small historic hotel in Bourtange, the place being a much popular wedding spot. You can also expect some costumed entertainment here in the summer months.

The Hunebedden

The Hunebedden is the best evidence of the megalithic culture in Netherlands. This is a carefully arranged group of Scandinavian rocks, called as “giants’ beds.” Historians say that these rock stacks have been standing there for more than five thousand years. The arrangement of the stones makes a cave beneath, that were reportedly used as burial chambers.

Kasteel de Haar

This is a mix of Neo Gothic Dutch towers and gables, and is the biggest castle of the country. The castle was the private property of the van Zuylen family from the 1400’s to the year 2000. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden that at times hosts special events such as the Elfia fantasy fair.

Markthal Rotterdam

This is the city of modern architecture in the country of Netherlands. The new Markthal that was opened in October 2014 made the place much popular. The ceiling of the archway is about thirty-four meters high and is glass capped and decorated with oversized plants of varying colors. The food sold here is also superb.