Quick Facts about Amsterdam you Might Not Know

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Facts About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a breathtakingly beautiful place rich in attractions, but how well do you know about this city’s facts? Read on for some interesting facts about Amsterdam, which you might not know.

  • In the early twentieth century, dancing was banned in the city.
  • Once in a year, the low-income people in city are allowed to take their pets to the veterinary free of charge.
  • The Amsterdam canals have fresh water which is very clean that the Artis Zoo gives the elephants drinking water straight out from the canals.
  • It might be quite surprising to know that 30% of the people in this city lived off begging during the 1850’s.
  • Though the Netherlands’ capital is Amsterdam, the government of the Netherlands is seated in Hague.
  • The Royal Palace was actually a grand city hall, not constructed as a palace.
  • You can always get drinking water in Amsterdam from the hidden taps installed under the ground.
  • The Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is at four-meters under the sea level.
  • Around 10,000 bikes are removed out from the canals in the city every year.
  • The tallest people in the world are the Dutch.
  • The number of women in Amsterdam is more than the number of men.
  • Other than a normal mayor, the city also has one bike mayor and one night mayor.
  • The Anne Frank’s diary is translated to seventy different languages and has been published in about sixty countries.
  • In Amsterdam, all the buildings usually have 5 to 10 support poles. However, the Royal Palace alone has 13,569 support poles.
  • Many people in Amsterdam can speak Dutch, English, and sometimes a third language as well.
  • The number of people living in the city is 813,562, but surprisingly there are 1,000,000 bicycles here.
  • Amsterdam is the ranked as the sixth safest city in the world.
  • The city got its name from the Amstel River, and there are more bridges in Amsterdam than in Venice. There are around 2,500 houseboats, and about 1,515 cafes and bars in the Amsterdam city.
  • There are many tilted houses in Amsterdam, locally known as “dancing houses”.
  • The residents of Amsterdam are known to be the second largest consumers of coffee in the world.