Sightseeing The Traditional Canal Houses In Amsterdam

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Traditional Canal Houses

Reguliersgracht canal is home to seven bridges in a row. It is also the location of a hotel that stands at a corner of the Dutch canal, which is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. It passes through the Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. When in the Canal Ring area, the sequential canals passing through offer a great chance for photographing the canal houses and the bridges flashing by.

The Canal Ring retains the heritage architecture of the Dutch, and comes to life when the lights come on at night. This is the best time to capture the ‘Brug van 15 bruggen’ bridge from the point where the Reguliersgracht and Herengracht intersect. If you view the bridge from the said viewpoint, you can see a row of other fourteen bridges entwined in all directions.

Six bridges reside to the right of Brug van 15 bruggen across Reguliersgracht and Herengracht, and two to its left. The fifteenth bridge is the one on the intersection point of the two Dutch canals. If you have a date along with you on Amsterdam tours devoted to sightseeing, stand on the bridge at night to get a sweeping view of all fifteen bridges. This place in the Canal Ring area is considered one of the most romantic places in the city capital.

The Amstel Church is situated in the Amstelveld square, and has a restaurant called Nel. This wooden church has a family atmosphere and a playground for kids. Another architectural highlight at Reguliersgracht 57 to 59, is a wooden house with an ornate façade. The house was designed by Dutch architect Isaac Gosschalk, who also designed the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam City.

Another house of a woman who assisted in childbirth, is situated at a corner of Prinsengracht and Reguliersgracht canals. The 17th Century canal house of the midwife has a stork’s statue. According to Dutch tradition, the statue of the bird is still being put on the window of a house, suggesting a newborn has come into the family.

Reguliersgracht plays hosts to early stages of a jazz festival along the seven bridges that span the canal, during September each year. If you happen to partake in an Amsterdam canal tour around that time, do catch the festival to join the diverse crowd, including natives.