The “Unseen Amsterdam” Fair Comes to the City on Sept. 22

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Unseen Amsterdam Fair

The city of Amsterdam will host the sixth edition of the popular photo fair “Unseen Amsterdam” from September 22 to 24. The event is an extensive program that involves numerous activities and exhibits the works of upcoming and professional photographers and artists.

This year’s event includes more than 53 international galleries that feature latest additions from countries such as Lebanon and Mexico. The program will also showcase the works of over 160 artists and the newly added premieres that includes the projects of Todd Hido, Gregory Halpern, Ricardo Cases, and Peggy Frank.

The Unseen Amsterdam event was set off in the year 2012 and quickly garnered attention due to its distinctive nature of encouraging experiments and the inclusion of various elements. The event will bring together various activities such as a book market, onsite projects, exhibitions, talent awards, speakers program, magazine, etc.. The inclusion of these new kinds of events reflects a change in the program that will makes it a multi faceted photography platform that will function around the year. In addition, visitors on Amsterdam tours will be presented with an excellent opportunity to explore this diverse and unique event.

This year’s Unseen Amsterdam fair is mainly based on the theme of fostering collaboration. This will encourage active collaboration between students, artists, international institutions, museums, and other collectives operating in the city. They key feature of this year’s Unseen Amsterdam event is CO-OP, which is a unique and fascinating prospect that allocates space to about 13 collectives from around the world to display their works. Moreover, the inclusion of this new feature will lead to the development of new commercial formats for exhibiting and framing the events.

Emilia van Lynden, current artistic director of the Unseen Amsterdam program said, “The need for collaboration in the arts is so important, both to bring new voices to the table and to challenge the medium in unexpected ways. We wanted to invite these collectives to explore the possibilities of the art market and position themselves by looking at different commercial models and interacting with our audience. We noticed that they were very capable of creating fantastic presentations of their work but didn’t necessarily know how to make sales.”

Van Lynden further added that, “By doing this, we want to give the artists the reins and hopefully contribute to the sustainability of their collectives. It’s also a great opportunity for galleries and collectors to meet people whose work is more underground.”

Unseen Amsterdam will also involve students more in the functioning of the event as it had partnered with the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.