Visiting the Leidseplein Square in Amsterdam

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Leidseplein Square Vist

The bustling streets and squares of Amsterdam stand as a testimony to the city’s distinctive culture and lifestyle. Visiting these places is a great way to know about the essence of the city and its people. Besides, these squares and streets also promise an exciting shopping experience to the tourists considering the wealth of shops that line these areas.

Leidseplein is one such square located at the southern end of the central canal ring of Amsterdam. It is one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam and is even considered a major transportation hub. Leidseplein is also known as Leiden Square, and it is a great place for shopping and enjoying the nightlife. Below is some helpful information that might help you on your visit to the Leidseplein square.


Leidseplein square offers numerous local attractions that will prove worthy during your Amsterdam tours. The mixture of various sights and entertainment options make it a must-visit place in Amsterdam. The street performers are one of the major entertaining attractions in Leidseplein. Found on the eastern side of the square, these street performers are known for their dazzling acrobatic skills and dance, which promises a great entertainment. Terraces of bars line up in the other prominent areas of Leidseplein during the summer that offers an ideal way to relax during the trip to the square.


Leidseplein is otherwise known for its distinctive nightlife culture. This is largely because most of Amsterdam’s nightlife centers are located in Leidseplein square and the surrounding areas. Lining the square are pubs, cafes, and various nightclubs that provide posh entertainment and other delights of nightlife.


Leidseplein square hosts numerous prominent restaurants and bars that serve a variety of dishes. Lining the streets are several Italian, Chinese, and Argentinean restaurants, which offer a wide range of cuisines from all over the world and the country; these are especially suited for visitors inclined towards the food culture of the city. Leidseplein square also has a selection of top restaurants such as Eden Amsterdam, Café Americain, and the American Hotel.


Leidseplein has a good selection of hotels due to the nightlife culture and other things such as its nearness to the Museumplein area. These hotels are ideal for visitors to stay and enjoy the square and streets that occupy in this crucial part of the city of Amsterdam. Some of the popular hotels in Leidseplein square are Marriot, Eden Amsterdam, Backstage Hotel, The Golden Bear, etc.