Visiting the Torture Museum in Amsterdam

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If you are on Amsterdam tours and interested in knowing about the history of human cruelty, you need to visit the torture museum of Amsterdam. This museum will offer you a clear picture of the painful past and is designed in a way to retain the dreary feel of the medieval torture cells that were present about five hundred years ago. In the opinion of many tourists, the museum serves its purpose well and is capable of scaring the wits out of people. In this museum, you can find some of the most gruesome and torture apparatus and tools ever used by the human race.

In the medieval age, there were unique punishments for special crimes of heresy and witchery. The Spanish Inquisition used a wide range of torture tools and instruments to fight against the works of the devil. You can find various instruments of punishment collected from different parts of Europe from the guillotine to the inquisition chair that are illustrated with engravings in the museum. You can find descriptions and historical background information about the instruments in about eight languages. The instruments displayed in the museum include the rack and stocks, the guillotine, the flute of shame, the thumbscrews, the skull crusher, the iron maiden, Catherine wheel, the Judas chair, and scold’s bridle.

When you enter the museum, you will feel that you have been transported centuries back. With the combination of gaudy paints, shady lighting, and old torture instruments, the place justifies its name. The museum does a great job of picturing the way the criminal justice system punished people back in the 1500’s. Inside the museum, you can feel the agony of the prisoners who were subjected to excruciatingly painful tortures.

In the medieval periods, decapitation by a guillotine was considered one of painless and lenient form of punishment and it was reserved for noblemen and members of aristocracy. Considering this fact, you can only imagine the tortures and terrors that were reserved for the common people in those days. The museum gives an accurate and horrific depiction of the medieval age punishments.

It is relatively cheap to visit the museum and can cost you only 7.50 Euros for a single pass. If you are a person who likes to have chills up your spine, the museum should be added to your Amsterdam tours itinerary. You can visit the place from 10 a.m. to 11p.m., meaning that you have plenty of time to visit the place.