Why Amsterdam is the Ideal Winter Destination

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Amsterdam Tours
Winter Tours At Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has gone from a 13th-century fishing village to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The weather in Amsterdam resembles that of a fairyland during the winter months, which means that going on Amsterdam tours will enable you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the city to the fullest.

In addition to that, the city will also be hosting plenty of excellent events and interesting activities during the winter. Each and every corner of the city glows with festive cheer in the month of December, making it a magical time to visit the Dutch Capital. Below are a few reasons that will explain why Amsterdam is the ideal winter destination for families.

Amsterdam Light Festival

The city of Amsterdam hosts a citywide lights festival from the last week of November to January. You will be able to see illuminated artworks of some of the most famous artists from all over the globe. These illuminated artworks transform the Dutch capital into a magical place. The site-specific light sculpture by talented artists around the River Amstel, Canal Ring, and other major locations in the city will make your Amsterdam tours lot more memorable and delightful.

Ice-Skate on the Frozen Canals

If the temperature in the Dutch capital is less than 4 degrees for four consecutive nights, some of the canals or waterways in the city turn into improvised ice rinks. When this happens, the local government tends to close off the canals to ensure that they are safe for ice-skating. If the ice rinks are safe, the city officials will permit you to skate on them. However, if this seems dangerous, you may head to the Jaap Eden ice skating rink for a safe and better experience.

Visit the Winter Markets

The winter markets in the City of Amsterdam are nothing but spectacular. If you take a stroll across the city, you will be able to find plenty of traditional and trendy markets in each corner of the city. Some of Amsterdam’s Christmas markets sell delicious food items that you should try before ending Amsterdam tours. You may also find markets that sell rare varieties of beverages. So, makes sure to check out the winter markets in the city.