The Secret Museums of Amsterdam City

August 10, 2017 Staff 0

There are some quieter and more inventive museums in Amsterdam city, which are quite distinctive from the popular Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. From sculptures to automatically playing pianos, these museums in Amsterdam’s are some of the city’s best kept secrets that offer everyone a unique visiting experience. The […]

Best Parks to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city known for its distinctive cityscape with crisscrossing canals and buildings. The city’s unique and lively culture attracts visitors from all around the world. Amsterdam also hosts some of the best parks in the country, which are a great way to spend time in leisurely walks or […]

Tours In Amsterdam

Why you Should go on Amsterdam Tours

If you are a person, who loves to travel, then Amsterdam will undoubtedly be a city that you are planning to explore. The distinctive architecture, elegant lakes, wide variety of nationalities and cultures make the capital of Netherlands one of the unique cities in Europe. The city of Amsterdam is […]

Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam Tours

February 21, 2017 Staff 0

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist places in the entire world. The rich history, charming scenery, and the unique recreational activities in the city continue to attract more and more tourists to this city. However, many first time visitors doubt on when […]