De Negen Straatjes – The Nine Small Streets in Amsterdam

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The nine little streets of the Old Town in Amsterdam is one of the busiest and most trendy shopping areas in the city. The nine little streets are actually three streets that cross two canals named Keizersgracht and Herengracht.

The Singel canal from the east and the Prinsengracht canal from the west surround these streets. These streets are full of restaurants, fashion shops, bookshops, hairdressers, coffee bars, and interior decoration stores. Tourists on Amsterdam tours visit these streets for shopping and leisure. This is the area, where both locals and tourists go to shop, drink, and eat. The details of the streets are shared below.


Fashion shops line this street. You can also find two fine restaurants, a vintage watch store and an art gallery named Galerie Lughien that specializes on Dutch realism in this street.


Located at a five minutes walking distance from the Dam square, the street houses the National Museum of Spectacles, many fashion shops, a gallery, designer shoe boutique, and a much-reputed sandwich shop.


Karl Lagerfeld boutique is the flagship of this street. Hartenstraat is a fashion and home decoration stores street. There are many traditional restaurants and a townhouse Hotel Belga at number 8.


This is one of the most popular streets in the city with many fashion stores and boutiques. There are many vintage clothes store, a beauty parlor, a hairdresser, two popular cafes and a trendy Restaurant Brix.


The Berenstraat is for eating and shopping. The highlights of the street are a lingerie boutique, a popular café restaurant, and an all-in-black bookshop named Mendo. There are numerous fashion outlets for men and women together with some interesting eateries.

Oude Spiegelstraat

This is the bag street and you can find interesting bags in Margareth M and Rika shops in the street. There is also a vintage second hand bags shop by L’Etoile de Saint Honoré in this little street.


This is one of the busiest streets and offer many eateries together with jewelry, accessories, and fashion shops. There is a popular cake shop at number 12 and a handbags shop at number 11.


This street features two popular beauty salons and an old-fashioned Amsterdam café. The street is much busy and has many wine and Dutch cheese shops together with a bakery.

Wijde Heisteeg

This street is near to the flower market and prolongs the authentic Middle Age alley named Heisteeg. The name translates to Wide Heath Alley, but the street is not wide enough to let a car enter the street. Besides, it is one of the shortest of all the nine streets.