Where to Get the Best Oliebollen in Amsterdam

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Most tourists who are going on Amsterdam tours for the first time in their life prefer to spend a quality amount of their time in the restaurants and cafes in the city to try the delicious Dutch foods. If you are a person who loves Dutch food, then you might have probably heard about Amsterdam’s Stroopwafels.

It is true that Stroopwafels gets all the glory and fame and it is considered as one of the best traditional Dutch foods ever. However, if you ask a native or a Dutch food lover for suggestions, they will advise you to try an oliebol while you are in the city.

Oliebol or oliebollen, which is a traditional Dutch food, is usually served in the restaurants of Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve. However, if you take a stroll through the streets of the city, you can find multiple numbers of oliebollen stalls.

If you have no clue on Dutch foods, you might be probably wondering what an oliebollen is. Oliebollen dough is made from salt, baking powder, milk, yeast, eggs, and flour. Some chefs prefer to add currants or raisins to the batter and they are usually served by topping it with a tiny sprinkle of powdered sugar. Below are some of the best spots where you can find the best oliebollen in the Dutch capital.

Banketbakkerij Lanskroon

Banketbakkerij Lanskroon, which is one of the best bakeries in the city, serves delicious oliebollen. If you are interested to try stroopwafels, you can also find them at this central bakery. So, make sure to try these two Dutch treats before leaving the city.

Hartog’s Volkoren

If your quest for the best oliebollen in Amsterdam does not end with Banketbakkerij Lanskroon, you should head straight to Hartog’s Volkoren. The whole grain oliebollen in the bakery make it worth a visit during your busy vacation.

Hollandse Gebakkraam Heinekenplein

This elegantly designed little bakery on Marie Heinekenplein is the ideal spot for picking up the best oliebollen in Amsterdam. The owners in the bakery are very friendly and they will even suggest a few lesser-known Amsterdam treats that will make your taste buds tingle.

If you still have time after visiting all these bakeries, then make sure to stop at the Oliebollenkraam Tuincentrum Osdorp, as it will help you to enjoy an authentic oliebollen experience.