Tiptoeing Through the Tulips Garden Situated in Keukenhof

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The Amsterdam tours packs in plenty of sightseeing destinations including the tulip garden Keukenhof. The largest garden in the world opens March every year in Lisse, located southwest to the Amsterdam Arena. In fact, this year the garden opens in March and stays open until the second week of May. The tourists take out their camera to capture millions of tulip flower, daffodil, and so on in Keukenhof. Below are some general facts about the Keukenhof garden that you should know.

The 66th Flower Fest

The garden opened to the Dutch in the year 1950. In 2015, the flower fest paid a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh staging flowers reminiscent of the painter. A flower-raised ground featured the tulips and the hyacinths on the 125th birth anniversary of Van Gogh. Tourists love the flower fest and to access impressionism in museums opened to tours in Amsterdam.

The Tulip Travels

Prior to the present Amsterdam, the tulip flower traveled through the Western Himalayas and ancient Turkey of the Ottoman Empire. The tulip patterns and color illustrates the exuberance of youth and the tourist loves taking a piece of that. The 16th century Dutch hailed the flower as a national symbol, turning it as tourism pride at the Keukenhof garden.

2017 Kitchen Garden Spring Fest

The Keukenhof is nicknamed the kitchen garden owing to the Dutch countess Jacqueline of Bavaria, 1641. The garden got revamped in 1857, and along with that came the famous kitchen reference. The Keukenhof stages the flower fest every year inviting tourists during the spring fest in Amsterdam. The theme for the flower fest this time around was the “Dutch Design”.

The Tulips Make Amsterdam Tours Distinctive

Like a skilled dancer, the garden Keukenhof lets tourists tiptoe through the tulip garden during your tours in Amsterdam. In fact, what was the tulip mania in 1637 is now the selfie-mania, and tourists love taking selfies with flowers in the background here.

The Keukenhof popularity continues to grow leaps and bounds, especially in today’s Amsterdam. The garden keeps the popularity of Amsterdam tourism intact with other tourist hubs than this.