Top Picnicking Spots to Spread your Mats in Amsterdam

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Who will wander off to spend their day inside the dim artificial interiors of a café when the outside seems so inviting? On a sunny day with clear sky, the only thing that you long for is picnicking with your very best of friends or family. During your Amsterdam tours, you can find so many of such places where you can spread out your mat and have a luncheon while conversing endlessly with your friends.

Such places in Amsterdam range from busy public parks to the tranquil canal sides, where you can gather for a picnic. Especially during a clear weather, you can pack your things and get out under a tree shade or some free space in the greenery of the streets to picnic and enjoy some outdoor activities. Below are some of the top places to picnic in Amsterdam.

Amsterdamse Bos

The expansive natural landscape of Amsterdamse Bos is the ideal place for picnicking. If you are a nature lover, who enjoys spending time close to nature and its elements, then Amsterdamse Bos would offer you just that. You can select any location near the shades or the waterway in this 1000-hectare park and enjoy your picnicking all the while relishing at the lush greenery surrounding you.


This canal-side park is the oldest in Amsterdam and a great place for picnicking. There are rich collections of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants giving you the perfect vibe for picnicking. Besides, you can spread out your mat with your friends or family near to the canal and gaze into the waters for spending a great evening.


For most people, picnicking is the time when they actually experience nature and elements at its closest. At Flevopark, you can actually enjoy the sunny days and the serene atmosphere of the park will surely rejuvenate you with a dose of positivity. The ample amounts of flora and fauna at Flevopark give you a closer experience of nature while picnicking.


Picnicking is all about having some delighting food at the outdoors and Sarphatipark is the right place to be. Its close proximity to the Albert Cuyp market ensures you that you never run out of your food supply. You can savor some of the delicacies from the markets and food joints nearby for picnicking at Sarphatipark all day long.


Ever wonder what it feels to picnic right in the most prominent places of the city. The Museumplein is a large public space where three of the major museums in Amsterdam are located nearby. The grassy space surrounding Museumplein is the right place to spread out your mats, have a great picnic, and indulge in people watching.