Things to Do in East London

December 22, 2017 Staff 0

When you scan the things to do in the East End of the London city, you will understand that it is a beautiful mix of old and new things. On one hand, the East End is home to an old flower market that was established in 1869, and on the […]

5 Must-See Paintings in the Prado Museum

December 20, 2017 Staff 0

Prado Museum is one of the world’s greatest art museums and it houses an excellent collection of European paintings from the 11th Century to the 18th Century. This famous art museum, which was opened in the year 1819, was initially called as the Royal Museum of Paintings. This is because […]

Exploring the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

December 16, 2017 Staff 0

Amsterdam is the city of canals. The Golden Age canals lined by gabled buildings are a beautiful sight and are the backdrop for many of the shops, museums, and restaurants in the city. Beautiful canals weave the core of the city. There are many historic buildings, museums, and pleasant spaces […]