Appealing Things to Do In the Dutch Capital for Christmas

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So, you are looking forward to celebrating your Christmas holidays? How are you going to enjoy it? Usually, most families may celebrate it decorating Christmas trees, baking cake, and doing some shopping at their hometown. However, do you know that Christmas is one of the best seasons to explore foreign cities? Undoubtedly, Amsterdam is one of the best places to celebrate your winter holidays. Note that this European city will be at its best during the Christmas season. So, if you are planning to schedule private Amsterdam tours this Christmas, some of the best activities that you may indulge in are given below.

Take a cycle tour in the city

The love of Dutch people for cycling is known worldwide. So, why not experience your Christmas days in the Dutch capital like locals? For this, hire a cycle from any of the stores and get around the city, you will be spell-bounded by the appeal of the city at this time. On a related note, there will be hardly any spots in Amsterdam that will not be decorated with colorful lights. On top of that, the Christmas trees and reflecting canal will add to the overall fairytale appeal. Furthermore, you can find bike paths that have access to every nook and cranny of the city. In case you are not fond of cycling, you can rely on bike-taxis for a relaxed and amazing sightseeing experience.

Visit Amsterdam light festival

The Amsterdam light festival is an annual event that is conducted in the city during the winter holidays. At this time, you can see the wonderful transformation of the Dutch capital into a light spectacle making it one of the must-see attractions. The best part is that the technicians tend to introduce innovative lighting techniques so that every time will be a new experience for both locals and tourists. The light artwork exhibition that is spruced up by the performance of local and international artists offer a perfect contemporary appeal to the conventional scenery of Amsterdam. It is to be noted that the Amsterdam light festival usually begins by the end of November and lasts until mid-January each year.

Ice skating

Another amazing winter activity that you can indulge in when it Dutch capital is ice skating. Even though you cannot expect mountain skating spots at Amsterdam, the city will never disappoint you. On a related note, two captivating and huge ice rinks are set up in two picturesque spots of the city during the winter seasons; Museumplein and Leidseplein. These two popular Amsterdam destinations are mainly known for the Christmas decorations and museums. Needless to mention, you will feel like being in a different magical world as you skate on these ice rinks that are beautifully surrounded by outstanding Christmas atmosphere.