Best Free Things to Do and See in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

The Dutch capital, Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in the world. More than thousands of people from all over the world visit Amsterdam to see its canals, cafes, Red Light District, and other famous attractions. However, several tourists have a misconception that going on Amsterdam tours can cost them a fortune. It is true that Amsterdam is not a cheap tourist attraction, but there are plenty of free things to do and see in this marvelous city.

Most of the cafés and restaurants in the city are cheap, and you will also be able to find plenty of affordable accommodations even in the most popular neighborhoods of Amsterdam. However, if you have never been to the Dutch capital city, then it is best to set aside a budget and try not to exceed it no matter what. Regardless, below are some of the best free things to do and see in Amsterdam.

Visit the Flamingoes at Artisplein

One of the famous public plazas here runs along the northern side of the city’s ARTIS Zoo; it also serves as the terrace of Café Restaurant de Plantage. You will be able to find plenty of tables and seats arranged on Artisplein from early morning to late night, where both tourists and natives will be able to order food and drinks from the café when they are lounging on the plaza.

Tourists who are visiting Artisplein during their Amsterdam tour will also be able to see spoonbill and flamingo enclosures that are located just a few kilometers away from the plaza. In addition to that, the plaza contains a massive racetrack-like fountain that spurts water and steam.

Enjoy a Free Concert at the Concertgebouw

If you are a person who loves classical music and if you love to attend classical musical concerts, then you should head straight to Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. The elegantly designed neo-classic structure is located on Museumplein’s eastern side and it sits directly opposite to the internationally renowned Rijksmuseum. In fact, Concertgebouw is considered as one of the finest concert venues in the entire world.

Tourists who are visiting this venue will be amazed to hear that authorities specifically designed Concertgebouw for orchestral acoustics. The Concertgebouw conducts a free lunchtime concert to the public once every week. If you are lucky, you will be able to see some of the leading classical musicians in the city performing at the venue during the free lunchtime concert.

Check Out the Bloemenmarkt

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Several tourists who are going on their first Amsterdam tour are not aware that the one and only floating flower market in the world is located in the Dutch capital city. The Bloemenmarkt, as it is called locally, is situated on Singel Canal’s southern banks and it is one of the sights that you do not want to miss when you are exploring Amsterdam.

This unique floating flower market has been here since the mid-19th Century and it was actually constructed on water by officials. This was done to allow flower traders to easily move their wares through the canals of Amsterdam. Tourists who are visiting Bloemenmarkt will be able to see approximately 15 individual stalls that are mounted on barges. Most of these stalls sell a wide variety of horticulture products such as garden ornaments, fresh bouquets of flowers, and ready-to-plant tulip bulbs.

Schedule a Visit to the Amsterdam Central Library

The notoriously flat geography of Amsterdam has made it an ideal city for cycling. However, the major issue with the flat geography of the city is that you will find it very hard to find a good vantage point here. The good news though, is that you will be able to find plenty of massive buildings all over the city that offers stunning views of the picturesque neighborhoods and elegant canals.

If you are unable to find any such large buildings in the city, then you should head straight to the Central Public Library of Amsterdam. The Central Public Library is one of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam’s city centre and visitors will be able to gain free admission to this building. From the Central Public Library, you will be able to see several famous attractions in the city including the trendy Jordaan and de Pijp neighborhoods.

Tourists who are planning to explore some other free destinations in Amsterdam should try to visit the Dappermarkt and Amsterdam City Archives before ending their tour. Dappermarkt is the best place for visitors who wish to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, or other food products, while Amsterdam City Archives is the place to be for those who want to learn more about the rich and fascinating history of the city. On the other hand, should check out the.