Best Souvenirs to Get From Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a delightful city with sensory treats for all types of people. It is also a great place to go shopping for souvenirs. There are several places which sell specialties of Amsterdam without overcharging you. Note that the shops in Amsterdam normally function until 18:00 in the evening. Thursday is dedicated to shopping and people can go shopping until 21:00 when most shops close for the day. Below are some of the best souvenirs to buy while on your tours in Amsterdam.

Tulip bulbs

It would be a loss if you do not take home a bag of tulips from Amsterdam’s famed flower market. This might be one of the most crowded tourist spots in the city, but it is still reliable to grab a bag of flowers. If you want to get tulip bulbs home or get a wooden tulip that would bloom all the time, this is the right place to head to. Note that this is not the right place to head to if you want to get a real bouquet.

While buying tulip bulbs, be mindful of the season. It is advisable to buy bulbs in midsummer than in the spring.


These are the trademark syrup waffles typical of the Netherlands. One cannot miss these while on a tour to Amsterdam. The best place to find these is Albert Cuyp. You will not have to go in search of them as they are found everywhere. In fact, every grocery store sells Stroopwafels. Make sure to wrap them in something soft to prevent them from getting crushed during your journey.


Cheese is an unavoidable souvenir while returning from the Netherlands. Some of the most popular cheeses are Edam, Gouda, and Old Amsterdam. There are several cheese tasting shops in the city but most of them are very costly. You can visit the Albert Heijn, Aldi, or Lidl. You can also head to Albert Cuypstraat and get a 3 Gouda cheese set at affordable rates. This is a much better option than getting them at the airport.

Wooden clog shoes or “klompen”

The best place to buy them would be near the Dutch windmills. You can also get the clog shoes in the city. These shoes were originally designed to deal with the damp conditions of the Netherlands. It is advisable to get them in a keychain form to keep them for years to come.

There are several attractive items you can get from Amsterdam. Make sure you get them in the right places to keep your shopping economical.