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Must Try Dutch Foods

It is true that the Netherlands food is not as famous as Chinese or French food, but there are many unique Dutch delights that should be tried at least once. If you are on Amsterdam tours, do not forget to try the Dutch food items that are discussed below.


These are small and fluffy pancakes made with buckwheat flour and yeast. Poffertjes are made using a special pan with many shallow indentations that holds the batter to provide puffed pancakes. These pancakes are usually served topped with butter and powdered sugar. This is a traditional Dutch food popularly served in winter and fall. You will be able to spot many stands selling poffertjes on street corners and outdoor markets.


These are spicy orbs battered in breadcrumb coating and filled with mixture of beef broth, chopped beef, flour, butter, spices, and herbs. Bitterballen are usually serviced with mustard dipping. Locals say that these savory balls are a perfect company for beers. However, you need to be careful while biting through the crust of the balls as the filling can be burning hot sometimes. You can try these balls in any bruincafe in Amsterdam.


The traditional Dutch Appeltaart will have sweet dough on the edges and bottom and lattice on top. The slices of apple in the filling will be flavored using cinnamon, lemon juice, and sugar. The common varieties of apples used in appeltaart are Gala, Elstar, and Goudreinet, as these apples are crispy and not very sweet. In the opinion of many locals, you can find the tastiest appeltaart in eateries located in Jordaan near Noorderkerk.


This snack is made from ground meat mixed with salt and spices. Rookworst is often served with dishes like stamppot. Originally, natural gut membranes were used to make the casing of rookworst, but now bovine collagen is used. The sausage is not smoked these days, and instead, it is made using smoke flavors. However, you should understand that the real rookworst is prepared in smoke houses that use fresh wood chips and is much different from the rookworst that is now popularly available.


This Dutch candy is made of chocolate and the candy will be in the form of a letter. This fun delicacy is often sold at time of Sinterklaas celebrations. The history of the candy starts in the middle ages when letters made from bread were offered as a treat for children. This tradition continued until people started making letters from chocolate in the 19th century. These candies are offered as gift to children at Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch celebration of Sint-Nicolaas.