How to Make your Night Tour of Amsterdam Memorable

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Amsterdam is a city that lights up well at night. It is a good idea to set out exploring it when the streets get a different kind of lively, although admittedly just as much as during the day. Below are a few things you can do to make your Amsterdam exploration a memorable one.

Watch the City Light Up

The magic of the day continues right into the night in Amsterdam. Make sure you step out and witness the charm of its streets. Go for a leisurely walk alongside the canals, and enjoy the romantic lighting arranged along the sides. Furthermore, the Amsterdam Light festival is an interesting time to visit the city, as the darkest nights are lit up with some creative light arrangement.

Observe the Culture

One of the most famous concert halls in the Dutch Capital, ‘Concertgebouw’, is alive with music during most of the nights. It is a long-standing structure that has witnessed thousands of legendary performances through the years. Established in 1881 by A.L van Gendt, this is one of the places where you can spend a good time enjoying music. Note that The Concertbouw is one of the most frequented concert halls in the world. Make sure that you make early bookings before you visit the place.

Enjoy Live Music

Even though Amsterdam is famous for its EDM venues, there are several locations where you can catch quality live music. Usually, the shows are held featuring either an up-and-coming or reputed established band. One such venue is the Paradiso, which is a former church with attractive architecture. It is ideal for musical performances and you can easily visit the place after your Van Gogh Museum Tour.

Dance the Nights Away

Amsterdam is famous for its long list of EDM hotspots. If you are a fan of EDM, you will find many great places with excellent EDM across the city. Famous DJs play till daybreak at many of the clubs. The choices range from Melkweg to Club Hartje, and there are plenty of other options for a pumped up night after spending the day taking a Van Gogh museum tour.

Visit the Red Light District

The Red Light District is certainly one of the most fascinating places to visit in Amsterdam, although it might not be the same for everyone. Take a stroll down the streets when the neon lights come up one after the other, and the ladies too come alive along with the displays. The streets are lined with several crowded clubs, bars, and adult shops. You can also try some Asian cuisine on one of the restaurants along the side street.