Planning your Van Gogh Museum Tour

Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum Tours

Getting inside the Van Gogh museum is an earned trick for a layman. Temporary exhibits often invite thousands of patrons and free visitors through the passage between the Rietveld and the Kurokawa. Even though you have discounted tickets, the waiting time outside the museum is often determined by the number of visitors inside.

Opening and Closing Hours

People visit museums for a quieter experience. Yet the Friday nights here features cocktail parties, loud DJ music, and the freewheeling inside tours alongside Van Gogh museum tour guides. During standard days, the museum can be visited after 9 in the morning and till evening 5 o’clock. During July mid-week and until September first week, Amsterdam tours invite more crowds amidst the local Dutch people.

Buying Admission Tickets

Last admission tickets are sold just half an hour before the closing time. However, you may need to acquire yours days before the Van Gogh museum tour. To avoid last minute jostles, you may as well book individual tickets through private Van Gogh museum tour websites. The good thing with most Amsterdam tours is that children below 18 get free tickets, whereas locals having a Dutch Museum Card can avail discounts.

Inside Wonders of the Museum

The eponymous Van Gogh Museum features up to 1300 artworks by the late Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The paintings, influenced by personal experiences and contemporary styling, are arranged on light colored walls alongside the ones inspired by Japanese masterminds. In 2015, those who have booked their tickets to the Van Gogh museum were welcomed with an 800 square-feet entrance featuring transparent glass on Museumplein.

The newer additions have allowed patrons to wait in the park outside, instead of taking their unrequited love for classic art into the streets. You may be able to take a few snaps of the monumental paintings inside the museum, but Amsterdam tours are only partially completed if you do that. The thing about great artists, they give more than an offbeat status to the country of origin. Being an anonymous visitor means to simply halt ground and stare at the alluring paintings.