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Your own private Rijksmuseum tour would normally be at the top of the list of things to do when you visit Amsterdam for the first time. Chances are you would try to fit in as many sightseeing visits as possible. While there is nothing against bustling among the sights and places you can manage to reach, the average tourist understands the importance of making time for healthy and even tasty meals along the way. Following are some of the finest dining options near Rijksmuseum and Museumplein.


Located right inside, this is Rijksmuseum’s own Michelin-starred restaurant, which serves tasty food mixing the traditional cuisine with longtime international influences. You can have lunch and dinner here, and treat yourself to delicious scallops with pumpkin and hazelnut, dry duck breast, or a full six-course meal, among other things. The restaurant opens stays 11:30 am and closes at 10 at night.


Located across the Spiegelgracht Canal to the north side of the museum, Levant is Turkish restaurant where you can indulge in exotic dishes and starters, such as bouillabaisse, tabbouleh, and prawns, Turkish meatballs, etc. The place stays open until 11 at night, and can be reached via the Spiegelgracht tram.


This eatery is famous for serving delicious food at affordable prices. Dining here lets you partake in a wide variety of hot sandwiches and salads, and the locally famous meatball sandwich. The evening feature a dinner special that costs just 11 Euros. You can eat on the outdoor terrace while looking out over the gabled houses and canals of the city. Make sure that if you want to grab the experience, you head there on a day other than Sunday, and well before 11:00 pm. The Spiegelgracht tram can get you within walking distance.

The Pantry

A mere five minutes out of the Rijksmuseum, you have this Dutch eatery furnished with dark wood tables, walls, and chairs, and decorated with landscape paintings and Delft plates. The menu includes starters like the salted herring with pickles and onions, Dutch sausages paired with mustard, bread and pickles, etc. Main courses cover a variety of traditionally Dutch fares, like Zuurkoolstamppot and Boerenkoolstamppot. This restaurant is open until 10:30 at night, and can be reached via the Leidseplein tram.

De Vier Pilaren

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Few people come to Amsterdam and leave without having tried out the local pancakes. If you want something tasty close by Rijksmuseum, head to De Vier Pilaren. The savory options also include cheese and ham, or vegetables and chicken. They even sell sweet savories flavored with cinnamon, apple, or Nutella. You also get traditional poffertjes, which are basically plump pancake balls paired with powdered sugar and butter. An outdoor terrace lets you enjoy the fresh air without freezing up during the colder months, thanks to their sensibly placed patio heaters. Show up well before 10:00 pm for the best experience.

La Cacerola

Head over to Lijnbaansgracht and Spiegelgracht canals to the backside of Rijksmuseum, and cross over to get to La Cacerola, a really old establishment known widely for its comfort food. The famous dishes here include paella, wild duck, and wild boar skewers. The chef’s choice menu carries ever-changing surprise meals of three to six courses. This eatery stays open all days of the week, except Sundays and Mondays, until 09:30 pm, and can be easily reached via Spiegelgracht tram.

De Blauwe Hollander

This restaurant has been around for over 40 years, and was originally named after blue-uniformed navy men who were once sent over to Surinamese and Indonesia as permanent Dutch representatives. The place has had one refurbishment in all that time, but the food is traditional through-and-through. You get to enjoy stampotten and croquettes, for example. Get there via Leidseplein tram, and show up before 11:00 pm.


Located within the Conservatorium Hotel, this chic Far Eastern restaurant is two minutes away from Van Gogh museum, and less than ten from Rijksmuseum. If you wish to get some tasty Asian food after having checked out both of these places, Taiko is the kind of place you want to visit. The dishes are beautifully made and set in ways that can make most Instagram-crazed tourists fall in love with the place. The à la carte menu has sashimi, dim sum, sushi, etc. Alternatively, you could go with an omakase menu. “Omakase” roughly translates to chef’s choice, but you get to choose between the classic and progressive options. The restaurant can be easily reached via the Van Baerlestraat tram.

The Rijksmuseum by itself is massive, and touring its expanse is bound to leave you hungry on some level. Plan for it by adding one of the above restaurants to your itinerary, after making sure it will be open.