Some Lesser-Known Facts about Vincent Van Gogh and His Paintings

Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Paintings

Millions of people from all over the world visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam City primarily to appreciate the artworks of the post-impressionist Dutch painter. The museum is home to the largest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh, who was also known as the ‘Christ of the Coal Mines’.

Van Gogh spent a major part of his career in the Netherlands. No wonder, then, the museum is home to his largest collection as yet, including over two hundred paintings, thousand drawings and sketches, and about eight hundred letters that he wrote. The self-portraits of Van Gogh are amongst the highlights of the Van Gogh Museum tour, one of which graced the cover of ‘Loving Vincent’, the Oscar-nominated animated feature film made in 2017.

Vincent Van Gogh still inspires many iterations and citations, and even had bouts with depression, which is evident mostly in some of his self-portraits that are full of faded colors contrary to his proficient use of colors. His lifetime works of art paved the way or inspired many museums in the Netherlands, none more prudent in research than the Van Gogh museum.

In a recent example, one of the museum’s research lead to the discovery of Van Gogh’s 1886 drawing ‘The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry’. It only goes to add to the museum’s extensive fine arts collections mainly centered on Vincent Van Gogh. Once he spent time in a coal-mining area in Belgium and it is the coal miners there, who fondly nicknamed him as ‘Christ of the Coal Mines’.

Do you know that Van Gogh created more than one thousand and eight hundred drawings and paintings in just over a decade’s span? His personal life was invested in creative arts and travels to European cities such as Brussels and Paris to name a couple. Van Gogh’s fond association for Japanese arts or Japonaiserie takes cues from the Japanese prints collected by him during his stay in the French Capital.

Amongst some of the Japonaiserie displayed in the ‘Van Gogh & Japan’ exhibit include ‘Courtesan’, ‘Bridge in the Rain’, ‘The Bedroom’, and ‘Almond Blossom’. The exhibition starts from March 23 and prolongs until June 24, 2018. Take a private Van Gogh Museum tour anytime soon with a bilingual tour guide to understand the Dutch painter’s admiration for Japanese printmaking.