Top 5 Photogenic Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam City

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Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has some of the most picturesque cityscapes one can find in Europe. The Dutch canal houses have a photogenic architecture, but there are several other places in the capital city of Netherlands that can make your eyes pop out in wonderment at their sight. Even if you visit some of the below tourist attractions purely for thrilling sights, they are worth including in your Amsterdam tours devoted to photography.


A’DAM Tower

This former edifice of the oil company named Shell has a rooftop that offers panoramic views of the cityscapes. Climb the A’DAM Lookout situated on top of the tower to observe the city under your feet. If you are an adrenaline junkie, go one step further and have a swing over the edge of the tower for a thrilling observation of the capital city.

Eye Film Institute

Only a stone’s throw away from the A’DAM Tower, you will come across this amazing museum in Amsterdam, the shape and patterns of which resemble those of a spaceship. The premises of the museum offer sightseers unique viewpoints of an architectural masterstroke, so make it a point to have a look around the building.

Maritime Museum

This Dutch museum devoted to maritime trade and history is another one of those architecturally stunning buildings in Amsterdam city. One of the passageways adjacent to restrooms in the building’s basement has a skylight. When the sunrays hit the glass roofing, they bring in shadows that reflect onto the quadrangle. The courtyard of Maritime Museum is an amazing photography hotspot, if you prefer to play around with shadows and natural light.


At a corner of the Oudeschans canal, you can find this 16th Century tower, also known as Malle Jaap. It earned that nickname from the clock bells of the tower ringing at irregular intervals. If you choose to come here, also check out the Zuiderkerk church and Munttoren tower.


Explore this avenue through canal tours in Amsterdam, and you will come across canal houses that are often described as ‘dancing houses’. The popular Red Light District is situated just behind the canal houses at Damrak, which once belonged to rich merchants and bankers. The canal houses cast reflections on the waterways, and are a photogenic place in the capital city, similar to Dutch Golden Age paintings.