Top Five Things to Do for Those on Amsterdam Tours the Summer

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You can find plenty of things to do when on tours in Amsterdam city during the summer season. The warmer weather gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the Dutch canals, lounge on a beach, participate in an open-air festival, or have a picnic. Here are five things for which you may want to visit Amsterdam this summer.

A Festival Takes Place Each Weekend

Over three hundred festivals happen in Amsterdam all the year round. Most of these festivals take place during the summertime. Irrespective of when you visit the capital city of the Netherlands, there is bound to be a festival to look forward to. These festivals cater to varying genres and tastes. They include everything from food fairs and carnivals, to dance and music events.

The Perfect Climate for Swimming

During the summertime, you will find natives basking in the sun in sandy areas and dipping in the warm water. Most of the recreational areas in the city, such as Amsterdamse Bos, Het Twiske, Sloterplas, and Gasperplas have ample number of swimming spots to satisfy any number of tourists. If these are not your thing, you can head to the beaches in North Holland, which are great to cool down and refresh your body and soul on a scorching day.

The Prospect of Watching Films in the Open Air

Starting in July and usually through September, an array of Dutch institutes takes the celluloid world to the outdoors. They include the On the Roof Film Festival held on the rooftop of the Vrije Universiteit, and Pluk de Nacht festival held at Het Stenen Hoofd. There are several other film fests as well, where you can watch new releases and classics against some scenic backgrounds in Amsterdam city.

The Theater in the Vondelpark Hosts Performance Arts

If you are in the mood to catch music, standup comedy, dances or children’s shows, head to the open-air theater in this public park each Friday, Saturday, as well as Sunday. The shows are held from May to September each year. Admission to the park is free of cost, so you would want to make the most of this when on Amsterdam tours.

The Beach Holidays

The city may not be a beach destination, but you only have to take a short trip from Amsterdam Central station to get to one of the beachside resorts at the Zandvoort aan Zee and Bloemendaal aan Zee towns. There, you can enjoy loads of watersports and club life, besides leisure walks among the sandy dunes.