Van Gogh Museum Tour

Van Gogh Museum Tour

A Quick Guide to Visiting Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum Attractions

Van Gogh museum is widely popular among tourists from all over the world because this elegant structure has the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks. This famous museum is situated in Museum Square and thousands of people visit this museum every day.

The ideal layout of the artworks and the museum offers a refreshing experience to visitors. So, if you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks, then we highly recommend you to go on a Van Gogh museum tour while you are in Amsterdam.

This museum is actually divided into two different buildings. The main building of the Van Gogh museum houses the permanent collection of some of the world famous artworks of the artist. In addition to that, this building also holds rotating or temporary exhibits to visitors.

There are four floors in this building. One of these floors has a café and a gift shop, where you could enjoy snacks and buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. The next floor has a chronological display of the works of Van Gogh. One of the remaining floors in the main building is entirely dedicated to the restoration of famous paintings. In addition to all these, a few temporary minor exhibitions are also held in this building.

The final floor houses the contemporary works of Vincent Van Gogh. These works focus on the influence of Van Gogh on his artworks and how they were related to him.

The second building of the Van Gogh museum can be accessed through an underground tunnel from the first building and it holds temporary exhibits. The library, which is associated with the Van Gogh museum, lies in a separate location. However, plenty of study areas are available to visitors on each floor of the museum. If you are interested in art, then visit these study areas, because you will find some interesting facts and history about the artist and his works.

Van Gogh museum offers extensive programs for children because the officials in the museum firmly believe in encouraging the upcoming generation of artists. The museum often hosts drawing competitions, guided workshops, diorama making, and treasure hunts for children. In addition to that, kids are also welcomed to celebrate their birthday party at the museum, but it will be guided by the museum staffs.