What to Expect When you Visit the Anne Frank House

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The Anne Frank House is one of the most visited places among tourists who are in Amsterdam. Many people are familiar with Anne Frank and her diary, and for those, visiting woman’s actual house is pretty close to a dream come true. It is located near the middle of a less crowded area in the city, which means, in a way, it is much more appealing than, say, a Van Gogh Museum tour.

Buy the Tickets in Advance

You can get these online, and they sell out really quickly. The outside building has lines of people surrounding it almost all the time. This means you will have to get your tickets online before showing up. Note that they do not allow taking pictures or videos, so leave the camera in your hotel room, and maybe even put your phone in silent.

The Intro Program is Not Much

You will notice a 30-minute intro program while buying tickets. This promises an extensive background class on the pre-war life of Anne Frank, but if you choose it, you will be stuck in a group of 15 people, and maybe some of them have noisy kids. In short, you may not be able to attend to the presentation and enjoy the experience. Moreover, you can Google most of the things they tell you, which means you would be wasting 6 euro.

There is an audio guide, which you can scan when you reach each exhibit. The information on these is short and interesting, and sometimes aided by visual displays. If you can set and follow your own pace, the history of the place can be very enjoyable to learn.

There is a secret annexe following a climb up a few narrow staircases. This is where you will see the famous bookcase, which is the Holy Grail for Anne Frank aficionados. You get to see the small area where Anne lived with her family for over two years; do not think on it too long if you find it unsettling.

The end of the tour takes you to a giant room where they give interviews relating to Anne Frank’s legacy. Then there is the gift shop where you can pick from an assortment of diary versions, as well as other memorabilia.