3 Best Places in Amsterdam to Explore on a Bicycle

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Bicycles occupy a prominent role in Amsterdam, and are the primary mode of transport for many of its city dwellers. It is a fact that the unique cycling culture prevalent in Amsterdam is what makes it different from most other cities in the world. The city promotes cycling, and you can rent a cycle easily at many of the bicycle stands in the city. Riding a bicycle through the city is possibly the best way to explore Amsterdam to its fullest.

There are several trails located within the city that you can ride along to get a glimpse at many of its attractions. Unlike other cities where walking or a boat tour is preferred, cycling is the ideal way to tour in Amsterdam. Besides, you can also cycle to the remote locations and villages of Amsterdam to view its other side – one of simplicity and tradition. Listed below are three of the best places in Amsterdam to explore on a bicycle.

The Nieuwmarkt

There is no place like the Nieuwmarkt to cycle through and experience a dose of the multicultural lifestyle prevailing in Amsterdam. It is great to cycle through this bustling marketplace where you can witness people from all nooks and corners, along with several remarkable buildings and attractions. This includes the De Waag building – a 15th-century structure that now hosts a café and restaurant. You could also pedal your way across the Fo Guang Shan He Hua Buddhist Temple, Chinatown, and the famous Red Light district nearby.

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

If you are more into tradition and countryside living than busy cities, the Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is a perfect choice. This remarkable village is one place lying around Amsterdam where you can spot many historical sites. The trail is simply one of the best, and you can start right from the Amstelveen and follow across the Amstel River south for a distance of 10 km. The way is lined with some of the picturesque scenes such as the iconic windmills, pastures, and the expansive landscape.

The Vondelpark

The Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest city park, is an excellent place for cycling. As one of the most popular places here, the Vondelpark has an excellent cycling trail that takes you through the park and its scenic beauty. While pedaling through the trails you could get a chance to view some of its splendid flora and fauna. Along the way, you could stop while finding a nice shade from a tree, and relax before continuing your journey.