5 Unknown Facts about the Picturesque Canals in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the eye-popping cities in the world. The picturesque canals and the beautiful and colorful tulip flowers in every nook and corner of the city make it a heaven. It is sure that a relaxing cruise through the charismatic canals of Amsterdam will wipe out all your tiredness and boosts up your energy as well. Anyhow, there are certain facts about the beautiful canals, which most of the people are unaware of, and they are listed below.

The Inner Canals of Amsterdam are UNESCO Heritage Site

The UNESCO recognized the Amsterdam’s inner water ring as a world heritage and placed it under their protection by proclaiming it officially in 2010. The inner canal ring lines the Dam square and it runs inside the semicircle that is created by the Prinsengracht canal as well. Hence, this inner canal ring is also conserved according to the international laws like all other UNESCO spectacles in order to preserve their cultural as well as historical significance.

There are around 1000 Monuments inside the Amsterdam Canal Ring

The Amsterdam canal belt holds almost the whole city within them because of their age-old construction and centrality. The canal currently holds 1550 historical and iconic monuments including Anne Frank House, Museum Van Loon, Westerkerk, etc., inside their borders, at the least. Besides, they hold 17th Century townhouses and hundreds of other iconic structures on their banks.

Every Year, up to 15000 Bikes are Fished out of the Canal

Statistics show that over 10,000 bikes out of 881,000 bikes in the city end up in the canals every year. This is mainly due to the sheer laziness of the riders, vandalism, and majorly due to theft. Further, most of the people in the city prefer to throw their unwanted bike parts into the canal rather than disposing of them properly. So, in order to keep the waterways clear for transportation, specialized boats are employed to fish out all the bikes by the Amsterdam municipality.

The Canals of Amsterdam Spans Over 100 Kilometers

The layout of the Amsterdam city is so unique that it is easy to get lost, even though the city is small in size. The city coils around its center to form a set of rings that follow the Amsterdam canal belt, unlike the other urban hubs. This canal belt, that spans over 100 kilometers, is one amongst the largest construction of its kind ever built.

The Canals Were Stinky for Most of their Existence

Before the 20th Century, most of the people in the city used to throw their garbage and sewage waste into their canals making them polluted and not usable. This made the canals smell terrible and it even stunk up the whole Amsterdam city. Luckily, the Dutch government took serious efforts and cleaned the water bodies. Today, the canals are clean and often host many swimming events.