6 Compelling Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of most toured destinations in Europe, and if you have ever been to the place, you would certainly understand why. It is replete with gorgeous architecture, beautiful scenery, and intriguing history, for one. If you have never been there, then the following reasons should be enough to add a few Amsterdam tours to your bucket list.

Art Hotels

Amsterdam is the city Van Gogh studied in, which is why it is little surprise that you find here a celebration of most things related to art. Some of the hotels provide more than just a place to sleep, displaying some amazing art pieces and collections inside. One good example is the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, which is situated on the city’s outskirts.


Amsterdam by no means suffers from a lack of festivals. You can visit any time of year and come upon celebrations with themes like art, food, and music. April 27, for instance, is Kings Day, which is when they celebrate the birthday of the king. This occasion holds witness to lively street parties and markets. Some of the other festivals are Amsterdam Gay Pride, Vondelpark Open Air Theatre shows, and the Kookt food festival.


The people of Amsterdam are serious about their food. You will not wander far in search of great cuisine; considering the city has 12 Michelin starred restaurants in it. Hit the Hotel Okura if you have the time.


Whether you are a fan of a quiet beer, a noisy club night, or just a couple of cosmopolitans, Amsterdam can accommodate. There are plenty of big clubs with DJs and lasers. If you want to explore the cocktail scene here, there are bars that have just the thing, like Tales and Spirits. If you want to enjoy a casual night out, then there are many cafes to relax in.


There are many local markets strewn around Amsterdam, selling assorted wares including souvenirs, food, art and flowers. For art, hit the Rembrandt Art Market. During Christmastime, there are also many Christmas markets, which offer their own share of fun.


You will not have fully enjoyed Amsterdam without spending some time cycling and exploring the place. You can hire a bike from one of the Amsterdam bike tours operators, and start moving around, much like many of the locals do. It can be a bit tiring at first, but a few hours in you will start enjoying the experience.