A Look at the Sculpture Biennial “ARTZUID” in Amsterdam South

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ARTZUID is a sculpture exhibition, which takes place every two years in the summer season. The 2019 edition has many spatial installations and figurative sculptures, which all bring the South district streets to life.

Artist Michiel Romeyn and art historian and critic Jhim Lamoree selected the works of arts for this ARTZUID. Figurative art prevailed. The Director of ARTZUID, Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger said, “People can more easily identify with an image that is figurative.” There were many abstract works on view in 2017, which common folks did not understand. Michiel Romeyn says that he likes “jokes and jokes” and provocative art.

One of the sculptures he likes is “Myth”. Also known as “Sphinx”, this sculpture by the British artist Marc Quinn is a representation of Kate Moss, and its stance is similar to that of a contortionist. The model of “Myth” was a contortionist, and ‘Moss’ has the legs folded on the back and is balancing on the buttocks even as she looks serenely.

Michiel Romeyn has high praise for the sculpture, which is evident from his words. “You will automatically be in the aura of the artwork here. It is totally pointless and yet intriguing.”

Behind the white-painted sculpture, there is another sculpted work by Aristide Maillol of a naked woman about to fall off the pedestal, and a distorted face and Armando by the Spaniard Jaume Plensa.

This sculpture route is an outlandish combination, featuring everything from conventional and well-known, to verse from contemporary artists’ studios.

The Belgian artist Johan Tahon, for instance, made new artworks, like the Japanese Sachi Miyachi.

The works of saints by Tony Matelli fall under the name ‘jokes and jokes’. Matelli gave Mary a cabbage on her head, and Jesus an avocado.

Another beautiful and mysterious work is “Pénétrable BBL bleu” by Jésus Rafael Soto. Seeing this ‘blue pavilion’, one will remember the sets from the film “The Matrix”. Kids who come here on Amsterdam tours fool around between these blue plastic strips.

Romeyn also took part in the inaugural edition of ARTZUID. He wished to present an artwork this time but ultimately failed to do so, due to the high cost involved and as it was too late.

The extensive sculpture route extends to Amsterdam’s “Zuidas” city and beyond the heart of Amstelveen. Works by Klaas Gubbels are placed in Amstelveen.

The last day of ARTZUID is September 15, 2019, and you can see all these works until then.