A Travel Guide for Video Game Freaks in Amsterdam

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It may always sound quirky to find that perfect place to play video games at your comfort while you are on a visit to any tourist place. However, Amsterdam city is not going to disappoint you on any such reasons, though exploring the historically rich Dutch monuments, coffee shops and canals in your Amsterdam tours are a way more prevalent norm for the tourists. They may stay in exclusive gaming themed hotels with numerous interesting arcades that are centered on video games.

Best Place for playing Video Games

You may find various interesting arcades right in mainland itself. By the whole of these gaming zones, the arcades owned by Ton Ton Club are quite popular among the gamers, where they can try their luck in classic coin-op machines. Prior to the pixelated and glorious age of computer graphics, the titles like Metal Slug, Time Crisis II and House of the Dead were celebrated to a great extent.

Best Places to Play Retro Video Games

Older titles are still so popular in the city of Amsterdam, which can be proved by the massive games visiting the stores like the Game Over. Vintage Classic can be best experienced from these stores. Vintage gaming gears of the late 1970s can be found in the store, which is situated in a small street that is directly opposite to the Hasselaerssteeg Central Station. Moreover, electronic merchandises are carefully preserved in the stockpiles in the store. For all these reasons, the gamers have got sober credibility with the store.

Best Places to Play the Modern Games

The most modern game zones are largely centered on the outer neighborhood rather than the central Amsterdam. Many franchised outlets of several gaming stores are found throughout the city. Video game companies that are pre-owned are in services such as the CeX and Game Mania. Besides this, the locals of the Western part of Amsterdam runs a gaming store called Next-Level that are preferred by a sizeable number of gamers currently.

Best Place to Stay

A hotel built and set wholly targeting the gamers could be the Arcade Hotel located in Central Amsterdam. The front desk of this hotel comprises of both vintage and modern video games that can be hired by the video gamers at their comfort.  Popular games from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Atari are included in the cartridges and disks of the arcades.