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Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world that is known for its impeccable charm and attractions. In fact, this hottest travel destination is the treasure trove of art, history, culture, and heritage. Even a quick glance at these attractions in the Dutch capital will surely make you pack your bags right away. No wonder, Amsterdam is regarded as the crown jewel of the Netherlands.

One of the main factors that may stop you from exploring Amsterdam will be your limited budget. Thankfully, you can overcome this issue by a great extent with the help of the Amsterdam discount cards and city passes. Note that there are different types of discount cards available and each card caters to different purpose. Some cards offer discounted or free entry to the museums or other important landmarks in the city. On the other hand, some cards are used to avail of discounts when it comes to transportation, dining, accommodation, leisure activities, etc.

In order to help you out with this, below are the pros and cons of some of the Amsterdam discount cards and city pass that you may purchase in 2019.

Amsterdam Holland Pass

This is one of the widely recognized passes with a great coverage. This prepaid city pass and discount card offer free access to many important landmarks, museums, sightseeing, activities, transportation, etc., in Amsterdam as well as many other parts of the Netherlands. The pass also offers a free guided tour to Amsterdam and some other important cities in the country.

Major museum tours such as the Van Gogh museum tour, Rijksmuseum tour, Stedelijk museum tours, etc., are also included in this tour package. There are mainly three types of packages for the Amsterdam Holland pass: 3, 4, or, 6 tickets. The only drawback of this pass is that the number of free entries is limited.

I Amsterdam City Card

This is considered as the official city pass and it mainly offers free access to the top-rated museums in the city. Additionally, you can avail discounts on many activities and attractions in Amsterdam with this pass. You will also get a free transportation pass with I Amsterdam City Card that allows you to use the city public transportation system for free. In short, this is an all-in-one discount card.

The major drawback of this pre-paid pass is that it has a restricted time frame such as 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, and 96hrs. In addition, I Amsterdam City card is expensive when compared to the Amsterdam Holland pass.

Museumkaart (Museum Card)

As the name indicates, the museum card offers free entry to more than 250 museums in the Netherlands. This is the perfect option for people, who are interested in exploring only the museums in Amsterdam, since it does not cater to any kind of discounts on other activities and attractions. Additionally, the time frame of the card is 31 days, and the maximum number of entries admissible using this card is only 5.