Beneficial Tips for Visiting Van Gogh Museum during Amsterdam Tours

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Van Gogh Museum

Netherlands is popular for many things such as its art, windmills, and tulips. A visit to the most famous Van Gogh museum cannot be skipped while you are in Amsterdam, especially if you are a Dutch.

Vincent Van Gogh is an impressionist painter who is seen as one of the most influential figures in Western Art. Visiting the Van Gogh museum is a good idea that can be within your planned journey to the Netherlands, even if you are not an art lover. Due to its popularity, the place can most often be packed with heavy crowds. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you to explore the museum in a much more relaxed way.

Book Your Tickets Online

While reaching the museum, you can see two lines for the museum, where one is a line for tickets and one is a line for people who have tickets to get in. Buying a ticket to the museum online beforehand can help you to save the time you might have to spend in getting a ticket from the museum. Choose a time-slot while buying the tickets online; you will need to arrive within thirty minutes. You will not be allowed to enter the museum after the time-slot expires. You will also not be allowed to enter the museum before the time-slot that you have booked online. The tickets to Van Gogh museum are available 4 months in advance.

Try to Consider the Museumkaart

You can get a thirty one-day card for fifty-nine Euros that grants free entry to most of the famous museums in Amsterdam including the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh museum. The museumkaart can often be very handy for you and it can help you in saving a lot of your money if you have plans to visit more museums while touring Amsterdam. You can also skip the lines at the Van Gogh museum using a museumkaart.

Avoid the Peak Days and Hours for your Visit

The visit to Van Gogh museum is always going to be busy due to the heavy crowds regardless of when you choose to visit it. However, visiting the museum from 9 am to 11 am and after 3 pm can help you to avoid the crowds to a great extent. Avoiding the visit during the weekends can also help you in enjoying the museum in a more relaxed way.