Best Restaurants to Enjoy Mexican Food in Amsterdam

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A lot of people that have never visited Mexico are probably missing out in the gastronomy department. Luckily, Mexican food is prepared and sold in many other parts of the world, including Amsterdam. Ranging from the Latin American dishes like tacos, guacamole, and nachos, this city has a lot to offer you in terms of delicious Mexican cuisine. Getting a fiesta worth bragging about is always in the cards when you visit. Burrito joints and taco bars can be found almost everywhere, serving some of the finest meals and drinks you will come across in this lifetime. In this awesome city, you would be able to taste native savors of the Mexican Homeland, such as chili peppers, beans, sweet corn, avocado etc.

Taqueria Tacobar

This is a new taco bar in Amsterdam that serves the original Mexican tacos dish. These are not the crunchy-shelled, ground beef variety carrying tomato and onion fillings which most people are acquainted with. The tacos you get here are original beef, fish, chicken, pork, and vegetarian types, served together with chipotle cream and homemade salsa. Other than tacos, the place also serves avocado fries and sweet potato quesadilla, and a variety of other delicacies.

Los Pilones

Los Pilones is found in four locations on the edges of the city center. What makes this joint wonderful is that it serves you tacos any time you need one. The restaurant was set up in 2001 by three brothers originally from Mexico at locations in Leidseplein and Jordaan, which serve a comprehensive menu chock full of different taco and enchilada variants. At the Yucatán location, you would be able to try out many little known Mexican dishes like the Cochinita Pibil, which is a delicious stew made from slow-roasted pork. They have taquería in the Nieuwmarkt area which serves as many as 14 different varieties of taco. That last bit by itself is plenty of reason to hit this joint at least once if you have the time to spare.

Louie Louie

This restaurant stays open daily until the early hours of day. The designers took inspiration from the rhythm and blues vibe prevalent in the 1960s. The awesome menu they serve here includes Huevos Rancheros by daybreak and Salmon Tiradito by sundown; you would be enjoying the daily food served in Mexico without actually having to visit the place. You could take on the Cuban mojito or try the agave-based Mexican mescal at the bar.