What All Can you Expect during Amsterdam Tours?

Amsterdam Tour
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Amsterdam Tour
Private Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam, which is the capital city of the Netherlands, is one of the top tourist destinations in all of Europe. The city is popularly known for its past, the architecture of buildings (houses), the elaborate canal system, and so on. This city mainly offers a great experience while wandering through the sidewalks during Amsterdam tours – tourists can explore the Dam Square, Old Centre, Red Light, and Museum districts. This ultimate travel guide provides travel tips that are beneficial in planning a trip to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam has got a fascinating history which is the same reason for the city being part of the bucket list of many travelers. The city is truly one of a kind and offers various kinds of experiences. Here are a few things you should be knowing about Amsterdam before traveling to the place.


Though Dutch is the official language in Amsterdam, nearly everyone there uses English as the second language to communicate.


Euro is the form of currency that is used in Amsterdam.

Banks and Credit Cards

Almost all of the hotels and restaurants in Amsterdam accept credit/debit cards widely. You can only use a credit/debit card for making purchases for public transportation tickets.


Tourists can visit Amsterdam year-round for having new experiences, but winter is too cold for walking and cycling all around Amsterdam. The warmest months in Amsterdam is found to be from June to September, which is often found to be the highest month for tourism.


Most of the travelers in Amsterdam have stopovers and layovers while connecting to other destinations within Europe. It would mostly be a fifteen minutes ride in a train from Schipol Airport to the Central Station in Amsterdam.

Getting Around in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that has impressive public transportation – it offers bicycles, buses, trains and ferries for travelers to help them get around and beyond the city. Getting around Amsterdam is usually very cheap – it cost only around one or two Euro for a ride.


Most of the local people in Amsterdam use bikes for getting around the city. You will be able to see a lot of cycles; therefore, be prepared to face the traffic caused by bikes.


Most of the places that a traveler might want to visit in Amsterdam are close together. So taking a metro or bus can be helpful for you to get around the city much quicker.

Public Transport

A traveler will most likely find that the easiest and quickest way to get around Amsterdam is by taking a combination of metro, tram rides, and buses.

Places to Stay in Amsterdam

Banks Mansion

Banks Mansion is one of the popular all-inclusive hotel in Amsterdam which offer one of the great locations in Amsterdam – on the canal. This place offers breakfast, snacks, and complimentary drinks and has a stunning design and old-world charm.

Room Mate Aitana

Room Mate Aitana is a modern boutique hotel that offers incredible service as well as amenities. The place is been located very near to the Central Station in Amsterdam with the privilege of all the main attractions at a walkable distance from the hotel.

The Dylan Amsterdam

It is a luxurious and charming boutique hotel located slightly to the west of the center of Amsterdam city. It is a very stunning location that has lovely staff and rooms along with great food.

Backstage Hotel

The Backstage Hotel in Amsterdam is a popular music concept budget hotel right in the center of the city. The place has a full bar, modern design, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Hotel Hermitage

This hotel offers around twenty-two rooms that are been designed in modern ways, and it overlooks both a canal and a garden. This building was originally a canal house of the eighteenth century, which still gives a feeling of true experience in Amsterdam. The place also offers continental breakfast as well as rooms that are equipped with multiple beds.

Flying Pig Downtown Hostel

This is a popular hostel in Amsterdam that offers private rooms and dorms for travelers along with free Wi-Fi, bar and a kitchen. The price for stay start at 49 Euros for a night, and the atmosphere and vibe of the place are great.

Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Rob Wigboldus Vishandel for Cheap Eats

This is been regarded as a gem of a spot that has just a few tablets, and it is just a five-minute walk away from Dam square. This is a small spot that is often regarded as a small spot that has a few tables; it is just five minutes away from Dam square. The old school of this place offers sandwiches made of traditional fishes which are always a good choice for an easy lunch or quick bite for you. A meal from this would only cost you around 3 Euros.