Debunking the Rumors about Amsterdam

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You would all have heard many rumors about the famous Amsterdam city. In fact, this beautiful city has its fair share of stories and some of them even created an ill reputation for Amsterdam. However, you could never fully understand this truly magnificent Dutch city unless you visit it. However, if you have thought some of the rumors to be true, then you might be picturing Amsterdam as a city full of cheese eating, bicycle riding, and clog wearing people.

The truth is, Amsterdam city is a place with a vast culture and history. The Dutch capital city has a great history that dates back to even as far as the 12th Century. The fascinating city is full of iconic buildings, a profound impression of cultural pride, and a collection of artworks. This is also the reason why this place is one of the most important tourist destinations. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common vague assumptions about Amsterdam.

There are More Bicycles than Residents in the City: True

The most common myth that is prevalent in this vibrant city is that there are more bikes than the city’s entire population. This is, in fact, true; the city has a total of 880,000 bikes while its population is only 800,000. In fact, Amsterdam has a large number of dedicated paths for biking only. It is even possible to ride a bicycle from the Centraal train station to the 20 mile away suburbs without deviating from the bike path. All this makes the beautiful city one among all the bike-friendly cities in the entire world.

The Place is Filled with Sketchy Behavior: False

Sketchy? Not at all! Amsterdam city gets the sixth place when it comes to the safest cities in the world. It is also the most secure city in Europe according to the third annual Safe Cities Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit. This means that everything that is related to a sketchy behavior is principally taken control of very aptly by the city officials, and therefore, you would not be able to find people with bad behavior in the streets.

This, however, does not mean that you should keep your rational thinking at home while wandering around the city. You must indeed guard yourself just as you would do in any other place around the world. You must not interact with strangers, particularly if walking on your own at night, as well as keep an eye on your belongings while at restaurants, open-air cafés, and bars.

Almost All Things are Legal: True

It is true that all of what you have heard about being legal, or most of them, are actually legal in Amsterdam. The government of this city has made an open move in making certain activities legal here that might be prohibited in the rest of the world. Yet again, as a tourist, you need to ensure that you are completely updated with all details regarding the “things” you intend to do in the city. Just make sure that you do not end up being penalized.

Everybody Wears Wooden Clogs: False

Wooden clogs are certainly not practical footwear for daily use. However, this rumor has a bit of history to it. The farmers of the olden times in Amsterdam used to wearing wooden clogs while walking through marshy land in order to keep their feet in. Today, you may stumble across a wooden shoe only at cheesy souvenir shops in the city.

Amsterdam Lies below Sea Level: True

It is absolutely true that Amsterdam, along with a portion of the Netherlands, rests beneath the sea level. The beautiful Dutch capital city has been built on peat, lakes, and swamps, and is positioned about 2 meters lower than the sea level. The lowermost point of this beautiful city is about 6.7 meters lower than sea level. Yet the complicated system of pumps, dikes, and sand dunes beside the coast keep the place safe from danger. Amsterdam even has one of the most advanced anti-flood systems that you could find on the entire planet.

It Constantly Rains in Amsterdam: False

It is true that the city has an ever-changing weather pattern, but that does not mean it is always raining in Amsterdam. The Netherlands actually get rainfall of 700 millimeters every year, which is not a huge quantity. However, there could be chances for rain all year round sometimes, due to the vagueness of its marine climate. This makes spring and summer the best time for Amsterdam tours, as there are fewer chances of a downpour during that time of the year.

There are also many things to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam like visiting the famous museums of the city, going for a movie, as well as enjoying the vast pool of indoor activities here.