Dutch Experiences a Visitor Should Have during Amsterdam Tours

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Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours

Without any slight shreds of doubt, it can be said that Amsterdam is one of the top best cities situated in Europe. It is home to a lot of unique attractions such as the expansive Vondelpark, canals, Van Gogh Museum and the Dutch Architecture. Artists who travel to Europe and visit Amsterdam always make sure to come back again because of its beauty to explore these attractions time and again.

There are various incredible Dutch experiences that a visitor can have while they are on Amsterdam tours, and listed below are a few suggestions for the same.

Watching the Beautiful Sunset at Pllek

Amsterdam has got a lot of beautiful places for its visitors to enjoy a sunset, especially the places that are located over the canals. Pllek is one such place every visitor should visit while they are touring Amsterdam. It can be reached easily from the center of the city by the commuter ferry that crosses the canal. Getting to this place an hour before the sunset can help them see it with a Dutch brew.

Tip – Head to Pllek if you want to get seated inside as it gets filled up in no time because of its popularity among the local people.

Choose a Houseboat for the Stay

One of the most popular features of this city is its beautiful canals – it has got hundreds of waterways of all sizes – from little to big – which makes Amsterdam an incredible place to stay onboard a houseboat.

Tip – There are many options available for houseboats most of which suit all the budgets and most of which cheaper than staying in hotel rooms.

Explore the Art at the Famous Rijksmuseum

The very famous Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam is filled with some of the best pieces of incredible art in the whole world. Taking a wander through the corridors of the museum can help visitors discover the major artifacts during their tours in Amsterdam.

Explore a Few Artisan Roasters in the City

Amsterdam city is popularly known for its rich heritage of coffee houses that often leave every visitor with a major caffeine buzz for some days. There are many roasters and bakers that make really good coffee which is loved by most visitors.

Tip – Since there are chances for the queue to be very long, it is always better to arrive before or after the peak lunchtime.

Get on a Bike to Explore More

It is really difficult to think of exploring Amsterdam without having a bike. Visitors would always have numerous chances to get a bike for rent for fewer hours. Get a bike and discover the streets of Amsterdam on the wheels.