An Essential Guide For A Design Lover In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a perfect place to visit for the people who love designs. The city offers a great variety of designs which can be a feast for your eyes if you are a design lover. The canal houses which date back to the Golden Age, the masterpieces of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh and also the contemporary designs in the city will surely allure your eyes.

Your eyes will meet creativity in the city of Amsterdam. You can see the 17th-century structures and also the 21st-century beauties. The city has a widespread distribution of the creative architectural structures. If you have never been to Amsterdam, this would be the ideal time to visit the city. The city is ready to host special exhibitions and events as part of the 350th-anniversary celebration of Rembrandt’s death.


There are wide varieties of hotels in Amsterdam ranging from micro hotels to grand luxury hotels. There are hotels which can accommodate even the poor people and there are also grand hotels meant for the rich. A European brand called Sir Hotels has two hotels in Amsterdam namely- Sir Adam in Amsterdam –Noord and Sir Albert in the de Pijp vicinity. These are modern hotels with a rock and roll edge.

In 2016, designer Jacu Strauss joined 25 canal houses and made it into a hotel named Pulitzer Hotel. This and many other renovations of canal houses into hotels make them beautiful architectural structures. The Conservatorium is another elegant example of combining the old and new structures to create a new structure. This is one of the leading hotels in the world now. It was actually a music conservatory and was later updated by Mies van der Rohe.

On the banks of river Amstel is a nineteenth-century building which was turned into Hotel de l’Europe. It is about to undergo a big renovation work soon.


In the museum district is situated the three main museums of the city – Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. These museums house the modern and contemporary art works and designs by many of the notable artisans in the world. There is also the Museum Het Rembrandthuis and the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam. The entrances to these museums are free and you will be able to enjoy the works exhibited in the museums by taking your own time.

Other than hotels and museums there are many other structures and exhibits in the city of Amsterdam which will be enticing to your eyes if you are a design lover. There are many shopping areas, restaurants, and cafes which will make you stand amazed at the wonderful designing and architectural work.