How To Enjoy Cycling Along The Canals Of Amsterdam?

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Amsterdam is undoubtedly the place which is known for its canals. But this is also the only city in the world which is dominated by cycles. All the local people here use cycles as their means of transport and this inspires the visitors also to do the same. Hence you can find the majority of people using cycles to roam around in the city.

Traveling on a cycle in the city of Amsterdam can give you a special feel that you also belong to the city even when you are only a visitor. You will be able to see around the beautiful places of the city and also you will be able to reach your destinations faster if you use a cycle for the same.

The Canal Belt

Though there are numerous canals in Amsterdam, four of them are very famous and are well known to almost everyone. They are the Singel, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht and the Herengracht. These four canals together form the outer ring of the canal belt which is also known as Grachtengordel. The river named de Amstel is the ending point of this canal belt.

In the inner ring of the canals, you can find the streets and houses which look similar in their style and dimensions. But these structures have undergone architectural changes through the years and hence you can find many different styles and colors now.

There is a common path through the canal belt. The way is not confusing and hence there is very little chance for you to be lost somewhere. Regardless of whether you are a person who visits Amsterdam frequently or being a short time visitor, you must not miss the bike ride along the canals here. If you wish to have someone explain the facts about the city on your tour, you can choose to have a guided bike tour which will be entertaining and informatory at the same time.

If you wish to enjoy the bike ride alone there are numerous opportunities for you to do so. The city is meant for cycle riders and there are several cycling paths in the city. You can choose where to start and where to end. If you are new to the city and desire to explore the city in the best way possible, you can start your cycling from the central station. You can get a bike from any of the bike rental companies located here and start your ride.

Having A Long Ride

Choosing a ride through the outer ring of the canal belt will be in your best interests if you want to have a long ride. On this ride, you will be able to see many of the famous destinations in Amsterdam city. This includes the Anne Franke House, Rijksmuseum, Tropenmuseum, Nemo Science museum, etc. You may not be able to visit all these places in one day, but you will be able to adore their beauty from the outside.

Taking The Shorter Route

If you are inclined on taking a shorter route for your bike ride, it is better for you to choose the inner ring of the canal belt. On this path, you can cross over the bridges and have shorter riding experience. Also in the inner circle, you will be able to adore the beauty of many other beautiful landmarks like the Royal Palace, de Hermitage, and the flower market and you can stop at the Royal Theatre Carré to have a bite. You can further ride down to the Vondelpark and have some time of relaxation. Here you can either relax or enjoy doing some sportive activities like skating, jogging, etc. You may also enjoy cycling inside the Vondelpark.

Bikes Inside The Canals

The most interesting fact about cycling in the city, along the canals is that the cycles are not only seen on the cycling paths along the canals. There are so many cycles found inside the canal as well. This might sound surprising, but it is a fact. It is told that around 15,000 bikes are recovered from the canals every year. A special boat is used to retrieve such sunken bikes.

The reasons how these bikes end up inside the canal can be many. Some of them end up here because of accidents and many others are purposefully thrown in the water so as to get rid of it or to revenge someone. These cycles which are retrieved from the canals will not be of use again. But there is a new system developed by some students in which they make useful items out of the remains of the destroyed cycles taken from the canal waters.

Cycling along the canals is something you cannot miss on your Amsterdam tours. If you are planning for a tour to Amsterdam city, make sure that you have the cycle ride along the canals. This gives you a magical feeling and will remain in your memory forever.