New Attractions To Explore In Amsterdam

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Over the previous decade, Amsterdam has witnessed a €10-billion investment for cultural offerings and renovations. These have enhanced the beauty of the already attractive cityscape of Amsterdam. Many of these are open to the public. Makes sure you include these in your itinerary when you plan your next Amsterdam Tours. Below are some of the best new attractions you can visit in Amsterdam.

Jordaan Food Tour

The Jordaan food tour includes a trip to the most important traditional, architectural, and historic colonies of the city. In this walking tour to the Jordaan neighborhood, you will be treated to delicious items including baka bana, herring, puffy poffertjes pancakes, deep-fried bitterballen, and a locally brewed drink.

There are several interesting facts hidden behind the construction of the neighborhood. For instance, the canal houses lean forward by some degrees. This is to make them appear taller.

A’dam Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout is a recent addition to the list of attractions of the city. It stands across the IJ River and offers a great panoramic view of the city. Climb to the terrace of its rooftop and be blown away by the 360-degree view. The even more daring attractions of the place are a couple of metal swings that are built right over the building’s edge. As you swing in the air, the whole city will shift beneath your feet.

The place also offers a great place to drink. Step into Madam for a sip of cocktail and explore the exhibits on Amsterdam. You can also book a table on the Moon revolving restaurant or visit the Butcher Social Club located on the ground floor. This place offers excellent burgers amidst great ambiance.

Sir Adam Hotel

In case you do not want to venture back across the river, you can book a room at the recently launched Sir Adam hotel. It boasts of a music-themed ambiance, along with minimalist and attractive interiors. The specialties include disco themed elevators and room service menu of guitars which you can play during your stay.

Pulitzer Amsterdam

The Pulitzer Amsterdam is a five-star hotel with 225 rooms which reopened after renovation. The place is situated within a network of 25 connected buildings from the 17th century. Its position in the 9 streets makes it more attractive. This neighborhood has unique boutiques and restaurants. The restaurant also has a casual café called Pause, which provides fine dining services.