Nine Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Summer

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Come rain or shine, there is always something to see and do in Amsterdam. It is a capital for all seasons. However, the city is more alive in the summer season. The Dutch streets, parks, and canals transform into a bustling kaleidoscope of activity during this time of the year. So, it will be better to plan your Amsterdam tours in the summer. Some of the appealing reasons that favor this statement are given below.

There Is a Festival Taking Place Every Weekend

Amsterdam calendar is full of festivals, with over 300 of these happening every year in various parts of the city. Most festivals here take place in the summer season. In simple words, no matter the time you visit, there is bound to be a festival or the other going on here during the summer. From huge music events to food fests to cultural carnivals, the Dutch festival schedule spans all genres and tastes. Read more information about Amsterdam festivals if you are keen on coming here in the summer.

You Can Take Barbecue to Some Dutch Parks

The rules in other nations regarding barbecuing in a public place can be a bit hazy, but in Amsterdam, it is fine to have a barbecue in the park. However, this provision is allowed in the designated areas of some parks only. If you want to host a barbeque party at other parks, you will have to get permission from the district or neighborhood where that park resides.

For instance, if you are planning to have a barbecue somewhere in Westerpark or Oosterpark, just go ahead. In this case, you will not have to bother about anything except the food menu. On the other hand, when it comes to Nelson Mandela Park, you will have to seek permission from Bijlmermeer.

There Are a Lot of Terrace Settings for Drinking and Dining

The drinking and dining menu options are skillfully crafted in Amsterdam, especially during the cold and darker months. As soon as it gets sunny (and frequently when it does not), Amsterdam restaurants and bars take their business outdoors. This gives visitors and locals the chance to have a drink or two in the open air. Note that from bohemian beach settings to chic rooftops, Amsterdam is full of unique bars and cafes.

You Get To Swim Outdoors

The Dutch people are proud of the clean water bodies in their homeland. When you visit the Dutch capital during summertime, you are likely to find the locals taking a dip in the pools here whenever they get a chance. On top of that, many of the Dutch capital’s recreational areas such as Sloterplas, Gasperplas. Het Twiske and Amsterdamse Bos have ample swimming spots. If you are an expert swimmer, head to an urban beach on a hot summer day.

You Can Enjoy Movies on a Rooftop or a Beach

A selection of Dutch institutions tends to host outdoor film screenings, starting in July and usually extending through to September each year. It is to be noted that you can attend most of the summer film festivals here free of cost. You can enjoy the screenings of films of multiple genres at different venues. In other words, the Amsterdam film-screening venues host everything from indie movies to trashy blockbusters. So, you might have something to enjoy no matter your taste. There is more; the screenings are set against the backdrop of scenic sights in Amsterdam.

You Get to Enjoy a Beach Holiday

While Amsterdam is unlikely the first place one thinks of when planning a beach holiday, the city borders some stunning beach areas. Do you know that the popular beaches at Zandvoort aan Zee and Bloemendaal aan Zee are just a short train trip away from the city center? Boasting vast expanses of sands to bask on, many water activities to try, and loads of beachside cafes and bars to pump up your energy or relax, both these towns make a perfect summer day trip from the city.

You Can Visit the Vondelpark Open-Air Theater

Through the months of May to September, the open-air theater in the Vondelpark tends to host music, dance, comedy, cabaret performances, and kids’ events. You will be amazed to know that you can take part in all these programs for free on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. However, even though visiting this attraction is free, donations will be encouraged.

You Are Free To Be Whoever You Want To Be

The above statement applies to any day in the Netherlands capital. In the summer season, however, you will find things ramping up a notch when Amsterdam turns colorful in tribute to LGBT rights. Additionally, the Amsterdam Gay Pride will take over the streets, restaurants, bars, clubs, canals, etc. It is one of the world’s most famous pride celebrations, to say the least.

You Can Dine At a Temporary Restaurant on a Less-Known Island

For some days in the summer season, you can take a ferry to the deserted Vuurtoreneiland and have a four-course meal at a specially built greenhouse. This pop-up restaurant dining experience is a big attraction on IJmeer Island. Nevertheless, do not forget to make a reservation.