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Exploring a foreign place or city will be one of the best ways to spend your holidays. While there will be numerous destinations on your bucket list, Amsterdam is one of the first options that you must consider. Note that the capital city of the Netherlands boasts a countless number of attractions that cater to the needs of every person irrespective of their age, gender, budget, and areas of interest. Plus, you can hardly find any other city that is as serene, enchanting, liberal, and green as the Dutch capital.

When planning a trip to any foreign city, there are few factors to consider such as your itinerary, packing list, budget, accommodation, transportation, etc. Out of these, one of the most important yet overlooked options is the packing list. In fact, most travelers are still not aware of the things that must make its way to your travel bag and the ones that must be left back at your home.

Packing List for your Amsterdam Tours

When it comes to Amsterdam city tours, it is always better to plan your packing list beforehand irrespective of whether you are going for a short weekend tour or a long trip. If you are wondering about the things that must keep in your luggage when going to the Dutch capital, two of the main options are listed below.


Make sure to carry a pair of decent earplugs on your Amsterdam tours, especially if you have planned your stay at the city center. Needless to mention, noise-canceling earplugs are really essential if you want to enjoy a peaceful good night sleep amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Note that the noise level in the inner city will be extremely high even after midnight since Amsterdam is popular for nightlife attractions and liberal lifestyle. Most coffee shops and pubs in the Dutch Capital will be open until 02:00 am and even late. Besides, you can expect too much noise during early morning time as well because of the traffic and construction works going on in the city.

Keep Both Maestro Cards and Cash on Hand

Do you know that most of the supermarkets and shops in Amsterdam accept nothing but Maestro cards? Hence, the travelers who hold only MasterCard, Visa card, cash, etc., are likely to encounter some issues when purchasing groceries. However, while most of the smaller business ventures like cafes, bars, restaurants, etc., boast similar policies, it will be better to carry cash as well when you are out and about. Thankfully, you can find plenty of ATM counters scattered throughout the city that do not usually charge a service fee.