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Nature lovers would be surprised to discover the mesmerizing sights Amsterdam has to offer them. There are stunning forests, beautiful dunes, breathtaking lakes and other wonderful landscapes in Amsterdam that are promised to impress those who love nature. Following are some places that you can include in your Amsterdam tours if you want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature.

Green City Park – AmsterdamseBos

Amsterdam gives great priority to the conservation and sustainability of nature. The AmsterdamseBos is one among the largest city parks in the entire Europe itself. This is a huge forest that contains enormous varieties of flora and fauna. It is home to almost 150 indigenous tree species and more than 200 bird species. In the beginning, AmsterdamseBos was a reforestation project which started in 1934. Now it covers an area of more than 1,000 hectares.

This park creates a natural habitat for many animal and bird species like squirrels, frogs, rabbits, woodpeckers and a lot more. You can also find wild orchids and a lot of rare plants in this forest. The most important among them are conserved in the botanical garden.

Natural Waterscapes

Amsterdam offers astounding landscapes which are a real boon of the nature. This makes Amsterdam tours a wonderful and unforgettable experience. There are a lot of waterbodies in this place that will astonish you with their tranquility and sparkling beauty.

For those who want to enjoy a picnic alongside water, Amsterdam offers wonderful islands that are rich with a variety of bird and animal species. Watery Ilperveld situated near the Landsmeer village is one of such islands where you can see a lot of rare animals and birds.

Along with picnicking with your friends or family, you can do other fun and adventurous activities like kayaking, rowing boats etc. at these places. To make your Amsterdam tours even more precious take a 7-kilometre bike trip through the picturesque places of Amsterdam that include watery landscapes. The Waterland area is another stunning waterscape full of small mammals and birds.

Dune landscapes

Another breathtakingly beautiful landscape in Amsterdam that nature lovers will definitely admire is the Dune landscapes near Amsterdam. It will be an awesome destination for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, horse riding etc. You can also spot some rare flora and fauna species in some of these dunes that are relatively untouched. These are some extraordinary toadstools that will amaze you with their beauty and abundance. You can also spot some squirrels, rabbits, foxes, and also the Highland cow.

Lange Bretten

For those who want to explore the wilderness of Amsterdam De Lange Bretten is a great option. It is 10 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. This place is home to different types of animals. Falcons and buzzards hunt in this area and thousands of toads, frogs and fishes live in the water here.

Botanical garden

This will be an ideal place for you to visit on a calm afternoon. HortusBotanicus, one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens which is situated in Amsterdam will give you a peek into the rich collection of plant varieties of Amsterdam. It was originally established as an herb garden in 1683 and expanded quickly during the following years. It was home to different plants brought by the traders of Dutch East India Company from all over the world that were foreign to Europe.

Now the garden contains more than 6,000 varieties of plants. There are also some unique plants among the collection of this botanical garden like the agave cactus which is 2000 years old and the Eastern Kape giant cycad that is about 300 years old. This place will be an amazing option for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening. If you want to have a breath of fresh air during your Amsterdam tours this will be an ideal location for you.

Flower garden

Keukenhof Garden near Amsterdam is a magnificent place that will leave you speechless with its astounding beauty. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam during the period of March to May never miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful garden. During these months over 1 million people flock to see this garden every year, as this will be the time when the tulips flowers in the garden bloom. The magnificent tulips fields in this place which are home to varieties of tulips flowers is really a picturesque sight you will see during your Amsterdam tours.

Keukenhof Flower Garden can be described as a springtime exhibition that will showcase a wide collection of Dutch bulbs, other beautiful flowers and plants. It covers an area of 32 hectares and has a footpath that extends to 15 kilometres. There will be many flower shows, artwork exhibitions, themed gardens, boat trips, restaurants, and other exciting fun activities in this garden during the spring season.